My Week in Pictures // #50

Saturday, 13 June 2015

This post is coming to you a little bit late (I usually post at 9am) - I only arrived back in the country at 11pm last night, and it's been non-stop unpacking and post-holiday-activities since then! I've finally found some time to sit down and write this weekly update, so here we go! I spent the entirety of the last week in (not so) sunny Spain with my favourite person in the world. You will be filled in properly, details galore, in the coming week, but here is a little snippet of what we got up to. We took a day trip to Gibraltar last Monday, and we had the most wonderful day. We were unlucky with weather, and experienced quite a few overcast days, and so the week saw a lot of card playing, scrabble playing, and random walks. Let's take a look at the photos!

01: I live for vanilla milkshakes! It's all I drank in Turkey last year, and so I had to have one in Spain too
02: This has to be my favourite photo ever. We now have so many wonderful photos together!
03: Pasta, chorizo, onion, gouda, baby tomatoes... Jack is a cooking king
04: We spent our Monday afternoon laughing at monkeys on the top of the Gibraltar rock
05: What do you do when you see 'chicken in a bucket' on a menu? Order it, obviously...
06: Changing from pillar box red nails to a light pink was difficult, but I'm so in love with this colour!
07: We had the most perfect night on Tuesday, sat in Estepona Port. Happiness is too weak of a word
08: We did have a few sunny days, thankfully, and so I took advantage and got my tan on
09: I just had to stop and take a picture of this beautiful sunset. The perfect end to the perfect holiday

Watch this space for a few holiday posts this coming week... How are you guys???

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