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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Gingham Dress / Make Up Bag / Shoes / Swimsuit / Black Pull-over Dress
My relationship with ASOS is very love/hate. Despite the very many items that I've returned over the past few years, I constantly find myself searching through their website and adding things to my basket. I thought that it would a fun idea to go back through my order history from the beginning of 2015, and discuss with all of your beautiful faces the pieces that I have loved and kept, and the pieces that I was disappointed with and returned! Let's start with the good list - the items that came straight out of the package and into my wardrobe.

The first ASOS purchase that I actually kept this year is the pair of beautiful blue shoes. At only £18, and in need of some Spring/Summer appropriate shoes, I could hardly say no. These beauties have been on my feet constantly since purchase, and featured in my April Favourites. The next two items were part of a holiday shopping spree - the duo-pattern swimsuit, and the black pull over dress. These have also been featured in a previous post, 'Getting Ready For The Summer'. Both are gorgeous holiday pieces, being both simple and stylish. Next up we have the make up bag from Cheeky with cutesy writing on it. Having used a Ted Baker cosmetic bag for a few years, I definitely felt that it was time to invest in a new one. Lastly is the gorgeous gingham dress - I fell in love the moment that I saw it! I originally bought it as a bit of a  'I'll just order it, but hope that I hate it' purchase, as it was slightly on the expensive side for ASOS. After trying it on, though, I couldn't bare to part ways with it, and firmly hung it up in my wardrobe. It's such a perfect Summer dress.

Grey Denim Shirt / Bikini Top & Bottoms / Dungarees / Kimono / Denim Playsuit / Dress
...and now onto the bad list. As part of my holiday shopping spree, I also ordered the bikini in the hope that one or the two pieces of swimwear would fit me. Despite how much I loved the swimsuit, this bikini didn't give me any support whatsoever, and so was a definite no-go. As for all of the denim... I ordered the grey denim shirt simply because of how minimalistic ASOS made it look. Although it was the perfect style, it must have been made for a 6" girl, as it was practically a dress on me. The pair of dungarees were absolutely beautiful and, apart from being a tid bit too short, they fitted me really well. I just simply couldn't justify spending £38 on dungarees, when I knew I wouldn't get a lot of wear out of them. The denim playsuit was the perfect alternative, at a lower price point, and much much longer as well! However, they quite literally drowned me when I tried them on - I looked very toddler-esque. The kimono was purchased on a whim, breaking my floral ban. It was an instant return, as the material was too thin, making me feel like I could rip it easily. The khaki t-shirt dress is the last item that I have returned to ASOS just recently, despite how excited I was for it to arrive. Again, it seemed to drown me. ASOS, please please please sort out your sizes; it's driving me insane!

What has your experience with ASOS been like? Do you return more than you buy, or love every purchase?

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