June Favourites: 2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

The last four weeks have been just glorious, to say the least. June is always a fantastic month, regardless. The end of exams and the start of the Summer - a transition from extreme stress and sleepless nights, to long lie ins and lazy days. My final exam was on the 1st, and so I have thankfully been revision-free for a whole month now. After a quick two-night stop in Nottingham, Jack and I then jetted off to Spain for an incredible 10 days together. On our return, he travelled home, and I began my new (and old, technically) job, back at the Fat Face here in Nottingham. After merely a week apart, I visited him at his family home for 5 days, which was so so lovely. We got up to such a wide range of actives, all of which you can read about in my last Instagram post here. I've ended my month with a few days back at work, along with a little lunch with one of my oldest friends, Hannah. An all round fantastic month, that I would do all over again if I had the chance! Here's to hoping that the rest of my Summer is just as brilliant... and here is this month's favourites!

01: Fossil Sunglasses* (see their entire sunglasses page here)
These sunglasses were one of my purchases upon leaving Fossil at the beginning of May, but I didn't have a chance to wear them until I went on holiday. They never left my side when in Spain, and they have continued to be an essential part of my outfit every day since my return. I am a massive fan of sunglasses anyway, as they can add so much to an outfit, but these ones in particular are just so beautiful. They're massive, and so they really suit my face, and they look just as pretty propped up on the top of my head. Looooooove!

The main shopping centre in Nottingham has been under construction for the last year and, having been in Manchester, I have no clue what shops it even has anymore. On my return to Nottingham after my holiday, I spotted that a KIKO shop had opened up, and so I obviously accidentally fell through the doors and found myself buying the first thing that my eyes caught a glimpse of. This baked blush is absolutely gorgeous when applied, and is the perfect deep Summer shade. It also comes with the handiest mirror on the inside of the lid. I actually bought my Mum the lighter version as an early birthday gift, too! 

I am just loving all of the Rimmel nail polishes at the moment! I would definitely say that my go-to nail polish brand is Barry M (and then Essie, if I'm feeling like a treat), but I have really started to love all of the Rimmel shades that I can see on the shelves. I picked up this gorgeous light purple colour earlier on in the month, and it's definitely been my favourite polish in June. So incredible for a £2.99 price tag!

I mentioned this foundation back in my February favourites, here, but have since tried other foundations that I love much more. However, knowing that it's a very lightweight coverage, I decided to invest in a darker shade to take on holiday with me, and it did everything that I needed for a face of make up in Spain! It was just the right weight on my skin to not make me sweat more in the evenings, and it gave the most beautiful finish on top of my already tanned skin. This will definitely be a go-to over the Summer whilst the sun is out!

If you have seen me over the last two months, there is a high probability that I have been wearing this shirt (Jack keeps having a go at me for wearing the same thing every day... you know it's bad when a boy notices). I can't help it - it goes with absolutely everything. It's basically my Summer coat, for when it's not quite warm enough to not need a jacket. To see me styling it a few different ways, check out a clothing haul post here, or my holiday post here. It's definitely worth every single penny that I paid for it!

Gif Source
06: Jurassic World
Oh my goodness, this film was incredible. My three go-to people to see this with (Lyndsey, my brother, and Victoria) had all gone to see it with their respective partners, and so when I visited Jack last week I practically begged him to take me. I can't remember much about Jurassic Park from when I was younger, but I just knew that it would be a throughly enjoyable film. I just sort of wish I had seen it in IMAX now!

07: Orange Is The New Black Season Three
I'm sure that everybody who watches this show will have binge watched the entire season by now, it's just so addictive. Jack and I watched the first half of the series apart, texting each other to press 'play' at the exact same time, and the other half together last week. I'm so heartbroken that it'll be a whole year until I can watch any new episodes, but this season was so fantastic. The character development was 100% on point.

How has June treated you? Leave me comments below letting me know what you've been up to!

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