I Don't Think That I've Ever Been Quite This Happy

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

As I'm sure that you're all aware by now (I've not shut up about it since we booked the flights back in April), myself and my wonderful boyfriend, Jack, jetted off for ten days of sunny paradise at the beginning of the month. After two months of intensive revision, we were in dire need of a break, and so we spent our week and a half together relaxing, playing cards and board games, going for walks, and enjoying each others company. I could not have asked for a better holiday, and I could not have spent it with a better person. To reiterate the post title, I don't think that I've ever been quite this happy (warning: a very long post)

We weren't very lucky in terms of weather, as we experienced more overcast days than sunny. Although I usually like to spend my holidays laying by the side of the pool, getting my tan on, I didn't actually mind having restricted time to do so. It was so lovely to just spend some proper time together, without the worries of exams. We went on two or three walks around the golf course down the road, taking in the stunning view. 

One of my favourite parts of the holiday was definitely dressing up to go out for lovely meals in the evening. Looking at the beautiful outfits that I wore makes me so heartbroken at how cold the British weather is at the moment... I want to be able to wear these outfits again right now! My favourite outfit was so loved that I actually dedicated an entire blog post to it two days ago, which you can see here. As for the photos above, the first outfit included a very loved top of mine from Ark, and one year old shorts from Ark as well. In the second, I am styling an old and recently re-discovered top from Topshop, and a little skirt from H&M. The last photo was my outfit from our last night in Spain, and it's my favourite Summer dress from last year, also from H&M. The shoes in all three are from New Look, and the watch, necklace, and sunglasses are all from Fossil.

To get to the restaurants and bars nearby, we had to walk alongside the beach, which was just perfect. There's nothing better than walking along a beach at night, hand in hand with your boyfriend cross best friend. There were gym machines on the promenade, and we definitely had some fun trying them all out. We also witnessed the most beautiful sunsets on our walks, and stopped to look at the stars one evening. The last two photos were taken on Marbella beach, as we explored the town a little bit before we hopped on a bus to the airport. I'm not a big fan of the sea at all, but I just find something so calming about the beach.

On the Monday, we decided to take a trip to Gibraltar for the day. Jack had never been before, and I love the place, and so off we went. Arriving at midday, our first stop was obviously food. We found a lovely restaurant overlooking the marina, and we spent our meal gazing out at the beautiful boats on the water. Me being me, I saw 'chicken in a bucket' on the menu and couldn't resist ordering it. Opting for something a tad more healthy, Jack ordered the most gorgeous looking goat's cheese salad. You could definitely tell that we were on Britain terrain (spot the Pizza Express behind Jack's head on the second photo).

After lunch, we walked through the streets of Gibraltar, map-less, trying to find the cable car to visit the apes. I'm always astonished by the beautiful view at the top of the rock, and the monkeys never fail to make me laugh. We actually witnessed two monkeys steal food from underneath a baby's stroller - one walking away with a Kit Kat, and the other an entire bag of cookies. Silly apes.

The rest of our holiday was spent laying besides the pool whenever the sun decided to make an appearance, visiting a market on the Sunday morning, and a lot a lot of card games. It was the most perfect ten days, and I would go back in the blink of an eye if I could. To spend some quality time with my favourite person in the world was exactly what I needed. I'll repeat it one more time - I don't think that I've ever been quite this happy.

Have you been on holiday yet this year? Or have you got one coming up? Leave me a comment below!

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