Can We Talk About: The Perfect Workspace

Friday, 19 June 2015

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When I imagine my dream home, it has to have the perfect workspace. Currently, I have a small wooden desk from Homebase that does exactly what I need it to do - it's just right for a student. I have made an attempt to decorate it with little ornaments, such as a beautiful big clock and a fake glass of flowers. When I am living in a more permanent home, however, I would love something much more like the Pinterest mood board that I have made above. As you can see, white with an accent of colour is the general theme that I have in mind, with an art wall behind the desk as daily inspiration.

Let's go through some of my favourite features from the mood board above. A statement lamp is important to me for my perfect work space. It'll be practical, for obvious reasons, but it should provide aesthetic purpose too. I would loooove if the lamp was gold like in the very last photo or, alternatively, a different pop of colour, like the pastel green lamp in the bottom left hand picture. Like I have tried to decorate my current desk, I would like a few ornaments here and there to busy my desk up. I own far too many mugs, and so using one or two as pen holders would definitely work well! As I am gold crazy right now, I love all of the gold accents displaying on the desks above - the pineapple in the bottom left picture, the stapler and the phone in the bottom right picture. I love the idea of having real live flowers on my desk, to add both a touch of colour and a beautiful scent. I adore the way that in the second picture above, the flowers on the desk match the flower in the wall piece. That being said, the wall behind my desk is the most significant part of all. I tried to create a wall (and a half) that I loved this year, by sticking several magazine cut outs around my room (click here to see exactly what I mean). Unfortunately, I've just got so sick of it. I need something a bit more minimalistic, and so fancy prints or quotes in frames is my dream wall at the moment. I own a collection of beautiful postcards from Paperchase (that you can see here), and so I love the idea of displaying those above my desk with different types of washi tape. Oh Kassi, you're so Pinterest-cliché.

What does your perfect workspace look like? Is it similar to mine, or do you have different ideas?

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