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Monday, 18 May 2015

Dress / Skirt / Shirt / Mac / Jeans / Jumper / Playsuit
ASOS is a weird one for me. I constantly find myself searching their website, and more often than not, I will order a lot of the beautiful discoveries that I make - but more often than not, I will return them, highly disappointed. There's always something wrong with the fit. I should've order a 10 where I ordered an 8, the length is clearly made for a 6" girl... you know the drill. Despite my endless attempts and fails, I continue to order from ASOS in the hope that, one day, my order will be spot on. Here's what I'm currently lusting after!

As I'm sure the rest of the fashion world is right now, I am love love looooving stripes. They are such a simple pattern to throw into an outfit without overdoing it. This dress is just gorgeous, and would be absolutely perfect for those Summer days where I don't feel like making a massive effort. I could simply throw on this dress and a pair of black pumps and be on my way! As for the stripy shirt; it embodies everything that I love. Stripes, oversized, and the mere fact that it is a shirt with a collar (this might be purchased very very soon...)

I've picked two pieces from Jack Wills that my heart is desiring right now, although my bank balance would strongly disagree. The first is this cutesy skirt. Realistically, I have no idea what I would wear it with, or when I would wear it, but it is just so adorable! Secondly is this 40s style playsuit, which I am so in love with. Again, it's another cute piece, but one that I would definitely get some wear out of! I can't quite justify it for £80 though...

With Summer just around the corner, I'm not quite sure why the last three items that I am lusting after are cold-weather appropriate. The first is a pair of dark denim skinny jeans - something that I have been on the hunt for for at least six months now. I can't quite find the exact shade of denim that I want, but these come very very close. A jumper might not be suitable for warmer weather, but this one does have holes in it, so I could definitely get away with it. I just love anything slouchy like this, where I can just throw it on over anything and still look like I've made an effort. Lastly, this mac is too gorgeous not to mention. It comes in a variety of different colours, but this 'blush' pink colour is my absolute favourite. Perhaps not to be worn in the Summer, but certainly in Spring/Autumn where the sun hasn't quite made its full appearance.

What's your opinion on ASOS? Have you had any better luck that me? Leave me a comment!

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