Things I Want To Do This Summer

Thursday, 14 May 2015

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After reading a 'Things I Want To Do This Summer' post by the beautiful Tanya Burr here, it started to get me excitedly thinking about how I want to spend my Summer. Last year, I stayed on in Manchester all throughout the Summer to work, whereas this year, I am returning to my family home in Nottingham at the end of June. With a little bit more freedom, and a boyfriend to visit on the other side of the country, this Summer should definitely be a special one!

Visit Brighton: as so many of my favourite bloggers and YouTubers live all the way on the South coast, I am forever watching and hearing about how amazing Brighton is. Having never been, I definitely want to take a trip down there this coming Summer. With Jack living just above London, I'm sure that we could take a day/weekend trip down there at some point in August to take in all of the beautiful sights, as well as exploring all of the quirky independent shops.

Go to Chester Zoo: Jack and I had originally planned to get the train from Manchester to Chester Zoo over Easter, but our plans got delayed. After telling a few of my friends about our plans, everyone told me just how incredible of a zoo that it is, making me even more determined to visit this Summer. After we return from our holiday in mid-June, we are definitely going to take a trip down to say hello to the giraffes and the elephants.

Actually read a book: I use to think of myself as a bookworm, forever with a new book (or two) on the go. In the past few years, however, with more and more work to do in my spare time, I've lost all motivation to actually sit down and read a good book. A holiday is always the perfect time for me to do some reading, and I plan to take a book or two to Spain with me, but I would love to read a few more over the Summer before being thrown into the madness of third year come September.

Take a picnic to the park: something so simple, but so sweet. Having the freedom, plus nice enough weather, to just sit down in my local park (the home of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, don't you know???) and feast on my favourite treats... nothing beats that relaxed feeling. Especially with an ice cream van parked merely meters away!

Try out as many non-chain restaurants as possible: this one isn't necessarily Summer specific, but I thought that it could be relevant if I'm travelling up and down the country a little bit. The only restaurants that I tend to eat in are the ones that are in every city; Nandos, Bella Italia, Pizza Express... it would be lovely to try somewhere unique for once. I have a few favourites in Manchester, such as Moose Coffee and Home Sweet Home, but I need to try more!

Do you have any plans for the coming Summer? What about anything that I've mentioned?

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