Can We Talk About: Summer Holidays

Monday, 4 May 2015

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Most of my Pinspiration and Wish List posts are quite similar - both highlight my everlasting love for fashion/homeware/baking, in the (doubtful) hope that they will one day be mine. This particular Pinspiration post, however, has a slight difference - I am going on holiday, and will be viewing all of the amazing sights pictured above in just over five weeks!!! Can you tell that I'm kind of excited?

The boyfriend and I are jetting off to the Costa Del Sol for 10 days of sun, sea, sunbathing, sand, swimming, and so so so much amazing food. After what feels like the longest Winter ever, I will be more than happy to simply lay besides the pool each and every day that we are there. Although I am not usually a beach lover (sand is my mortal enemy), Jack is... meaning that a few days will definitely be spent laying besides the sea instead. Who knows, I might even be adventurous enough to suggest having a go on a banana boat (I won't).

Spain is one of my favourite places in the world simply because of how relaxed it makes me feel. I can just picture it now: waking up to a view similar to that of the first image, taking a lunchtime stroll, and then spending the day on the beach admiring the beautiful waves, with the potential of swimming in the sea (one of my deepest fears). Then, in the evening, walking around one of the gorgeous ports nearby, dreaming of owning a million dollar boat one day, before watching the sun set with the knowledge that we can do it all again tomorrow. Aren't holidays just wonderful?

Are you going on holiday over the Summer? Where will you be jetting off to?

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