My Week in Pictures // #46

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Thank God my back ache has disappeared - it was becoming an obstacle in the way of my revision. With my first exam next Wednesday, the entirety of my week has been spent studying, stressing, and more studying. I'm finally starting to feel a bit of confidence for my first exam, and so I would definitely say that the last seven days have been productive! Jack and I have watched 3/6 episodes of Black Mirror this week, which have all been equally interesting and gripping to watch. If you haven't already seen the series, head over to Netflix pronto! After ten days off from running and keeping fit, I've only managed one run and one swim this week - at least it's better than nothing. I've also given my blog a little bit of a revamp, by changing the theme and editing the sidebar. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming week or two for a brand new header, and I've been working on a new schedule come June/July. Sometimes, I quite enjoy change.

01: I went and supported Jack in the Great Manchester Run on Sunday, completing 10k in 52 minutes!
02: We hadn't taken a selfie in a while, so here are our happy faces post-run. We're too cute
03: Despite some rainy days, the weather has been beautiful this week. Bright blue skies!
04: I love love love this quote. If you're ever feeling down, simply do the things that make you happy
05: Something possessed me to buy five new nail polishes on Tuesday.... #sorrynotsorry
06: Look at this gorgeous bright purple! It's one of the brand new shades in Barry M's quick dry collection
07: Why do all of my Paperchase mugs break??? Such a pretty mug as well, I don't want to say goodbye...
08: Standard revision selfie (standard form of procrastination). Two more weeks to go!
09: Trying out another one of my newbies - a pearlescent pale pink, perfect for the Summer

What have you been up to over the last seven days? Anything more interesting than revision?

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