My Week in Pictures // #45

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Revision and backache - the only two words that I can use to describe the past week. As my exams are looming nearer and nearer (my first one is in ten days time), my revision patterns are increasing day by day. It was incredibly difficult to concentrate this week, though, due to agonising backache that only disappeared on Thursday. It was actually my last week working at Fossil in Manchester this week. It was heartbreaking to leave behind the amazing family that I had made there, but I'm certain that I will keep in close contact with them all! I treated myself to a few leaving presents (oops), including the necklace and the watch in the pictures above!

01: Had my first ever Five Guys experience last Friday; the only real perk was having Vanilla Coke
02: The last thing that I wanted to be doing in such horrible pain. I (sort of) powered through!
03: Carrying on my revision in the walk-in-centre. Such a dedicated student, what can I say?
04: In love with this tri-tone necklace from Fossil. I had been staring at it for many months!
05: Had an early morning catch up with my fave girl, Zoe, on Thursday morning...
06: ...and had a nail session whilst I was at it! Can't wait for the Summer colours of the Quick Drys
07: My gorgeous new watch, as a treat on my second to last shift. I'm all about the multi-tone
08: Cheeky selfie on Friday morning. Black and white photos always come out sepia somehow...
09: Catching up on my favourite show yesterday lunch time, during a mid-revision break

How has the last week treated you? Are you experiencing the pain of exams as well?

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