My Week in Pictures // #44

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Revision is in full swing over in Kassi-land right now, as my exams are creeping nearer and nearer. Despite this, I have actually had a really enjoyable week. I occasionally suffer from horrible back pain, and the week has ended on a bit of a downer, as the pain is making it very difficult to sleep. Fitness is still being injected into my life, with a run every other morning, and a lot more awareness about what I'm eating. For a full post on how I'm doing and why, watch this space for Friday! When I finish writing this post (the night before you're reading it), I will be heading over to Meg's for a takeaway and a movie night - exactly what I need right now. Here are my weekly Instagram snaps.

01: Revision revision revision. After this exam season is over, I'll only have two more to go!!!
02: Ran a lovely 3.5 miles on Monday morning - a great motivational way to kick off my week
03: Had a wonderful catch up with an old friend, Izy, on Sunday, and ate far far too much...
04: The troubles of wearing lipstick but craving a Starbucks! My current order: vanilla latte
05: Manchester: the rain where it never stops raining. Please let the sun come back???
06: Cheeky selfie on Wednesday as I was really feeling my outfit/make up look
07: Here is the full post I just mentioned! It was lovely to write, and will be shared on Friday
08: Started to drink this beautiful creation - 3 apples and a bit of rhubarb. Deeeee-lish
09: I decided on pink for my nails this week, as the Summer draws closer and closer...

Enough about me, how have you guys been? Leave me a comment below!

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