Wish List: Spring

Monday, 20 April 2015

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As the weather has finally started to get better little by little, it has dawned on me that my entire wardrobe is designed for the Winter. All of my Summer dresses are a year or two old now and, as much as I love them, it would be lovely to be presented with a whole new collection. This wish list began as a Topshop specific one, but as I browsed more of my favourite shops, a few more have jumped on board, including Ark, Pretty Little Thing and ASOS. Here are my picks!

Let's begin with the obvious anomaly - the one beauty pick. Topshop have launched a new selection of lipsticks, and 'Devotion' looks like the perfect Kassi shade. I cannot wait to get my hands on one to swatch, with all of my fingers crossed that it's as beautiful as it looks online.

For dresses, I found four that my heart is lusting after. The first is the top left, which I tried on recently in Ark. Had I picked up the size bigger it would have been a purchase right there and then, but I was in a rush and couldn't afford the time. Such a simple monochrome dress!  The second dress along is a pinafore/dunagree style, with a completely open back with crossed straps. I've seen loads of these about, and this one is by far my favourite... and is actually the cheapest, too! The third dress that I found screams tribal print. I have a similar shape dress from Ark, with spaghetti straps and a sleeve that falls off the shoulder, and it fits perfectly. I just need a few more patterns, and I'll be good to go! Lastly in the world of dresses is this dungaree dress cross Summer dress. It jumped out at me on the ASOS website, as it's so simple yet so different.

The last four items include two shirts, a t-shirt, and a kimono. I'm always on the hunt for a plain white shirt, and I am yet to come across one that I actually like on me. Could this be the one? Check shirts are also a massive love of mine, but I find it very difficult to find a check that I won't get sick of. I love love love the shade of this green! As for the t-shirt, I picked up the pink version from Ark the other week, and only didn't pick up the grey as they didn't have one in the right size. Lastly, a long monochrome kimono. I think that this would look beautiful over any plain black dress/outfit, and would also love incredible flowing behind you on a beach, as a cover up for your bikini. Oh, can Summer just be here already please??? Only another two months to go...

What's on your wish list at the moment? Do you like anything that I've picked out?


  1. The third item with the tribal pattern at the top...I need it!!


  2. That dress (on top, in the middle) is so beautiful! X

  3. I just love the style with it being off the shoulders! So flattering x x x

  4. I'm such a massive fan of patterns but florals can sometimes be a bit too much, so it's nice to find something slightly different! x x x