Top 3 Restaurants & Orders

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Food. There is no greater love story than between a person and their favourite food. Some people eat to live? I live to eat... and I eat out at restaurants way more than I should. I just can't resist! Despite having several meals out a month, there's a high likelihood that I'll always end up in the same place. With such a passion for their food, I thought that I would share my go-to orders for three of my favourite places in the world: Nandos, Yo Sushi!, and Bella Italia.

Nandos: A cheeky nandos? I'm there! There is no denying that Nandos is my all time favourite place to eat, but I barely ever mix up my order. The classic Kassi order is a single chicken wrap, medium, with halloumi (the most important part...), with peri-peri chips and coleslaw as my two sides. On the odd occasion that I venture outside of my comfort zone, I will order butterfly chicken instead. Chicken on the bone is not my kind of thing at all, and so butterfly chicken is the perfect substitute. I've actually tried the Mediterranean salad once or twice, and it is a gorgeous meal if you want something slightly lighter.

Yo! Sushi: I'm not sure if I've ever gone to Yo! on any other day than a Monday, simply because of expense. All of my favourite things, bar one, are on the Blue Monday menu (every bowl is £2.50), and so I've never felt a need to go any other day. My favourite picks are: Crunchy Prawn ISO, Beef Tataki, Duck Gyoza, Chicken Firecracker Rice, and Aromatic Duck Hand Roll (which isn't actually on the Blue Monday menu, and costs a whopping £4.50 all by itself). For anybody that doesn't like fish but wants to give sushi a go, this is the perfect restaurant to try out your taste buds.

Bella Italia: This is probably the one menu out of the three that I've tried the most of. You can create your own pizza by adding toppings to a Margherita, and so I've attempted a few different combinations, my favourite of which being chicken and roasted peppers. The Pizza Marco Pollo is also incredible - shredded duck, spring onions, and a plum sauce base. I'm yet to try the pasta version... In pasta, the Carbonara will always be a classic choice, but the Pollo Formaggi al Forno is an absolute favourite of mine (chicken, pancetta, cheese sauce). Even the burgers are a treat!

Where are your favourite places to eat? Have you tried any of the meals I've mentioned?


  1. Can relate 100% there - I live to eat! Food is honestly my best friend.

    You can never go wrong with a nandos and bella italia is one of my favourite places too. Also, as someone who LOVES sushi you would think I would have been Yo! Sushi, but I have not, so I am most certainly tempted to try them out now (especially knowing that it's so cheap on a Monday!)


  2. Definitely head to Yo! Sushi the next time you get the chance, their Monday menu is to die for x x x