The Spring Tag

Thursday, 2 April 2015

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Hello April! How are you feeling this year? Are you feeling generous with your weather? Manchester could really use some sun, to compensate for all of our rainy days. The trees have started to blossom, though, displaying an array of beauty and colour. I've seen The Spring Tag floating around a few blogs of late, and so I've decided to jump on the bandwagon. Autumn and Spring are my two favourite seasons of the year; you can find my Autumn Tag for 2014 here!

01: What are you looking forward to the most in Spring?
This is going to be such a British answer but... being able to leave the house without a coat! I have loved my Winter coat this year, pairing it with a different scarf each day, but I long for the days where I can simply put on my outfit and head out the door.

02: Favourite thing about Spring?
The longer days, definitely. I hate Winter for many reasons, the biggest of which being the short, dark days. It makes doing work so difficult and depressing when it's dark by 4pm. It also makes taking blog photos much more complicated, especially when I'm out during the day.

03: Favourite Spring nail polish?
I actually wrote an entire post dedicated to Spring nail polishes last week, which you can find here. Of the five mentioned, I would have to give a special shout out to the pastel blue (Barry M in Elderberry). There is just something so beautiful about it that feels so fresh and new - so Spring!

04: Favourite Spring lip product?
My make up look usually depends on my clothing of choice for the day, meaning that I don't tend to have a lot of season-specific lip products. If I had to pick any, I would choose my Mac Pink Plaid, which is an incredible bright light pink when paired with a deep tan.

05: Favourite Spring drink?
Spring is the time of the year that I start ordering frappuccinos in coffee shops, opposed to my usual vanilla hot chocolate order. When at home, all of the juices begin to emerge from the shadows, my favourites being Ribena and Summer Fruits!

06: Favourite flower?
My all time favourite flowers are (and in no specific order): peonies, sunflowers, lilies, and roses. I cannot wait to buy myself a mahoosive blooming bunch of peonies in a few weeks time!

07: Favourite Spring candle?
I wouldn't really class myself as a candle person, only owning the most basic of smells (vanilla, vanilla, and... vanilla!) So I guess I would have to say vanilla?

08: Favourite perfume to wear in Spring?
Weirdly, I guess I just don't have an interest in beautiful scents, as I don't ever tend to wear perfume either. I simply have a Body Shop vanilla body spray... perhaps I should branch out!

09: What are your favourite clothing items to wear in Spring?
Dresses! All throughout Winter, I've managed to carry on wearing my favourite dresses, pairing them with an oversized jumper to keep me nice and snug. I cannot wait for the day that I can simply throw a cardigan on top, showing my dresses off in their full glory.

10: Any plans for Spring break or upcoming vacations?
I'm currently half way through my Easter holiday, having spent the first two weeks in Manchester, with a train booked for Saturday to go home for the last week. The first was spent practically living with the boyfriend, as he was home alone. After a lovely week spent with my favourite, he headed home for the remainder of the holiday. The best friend, Lyndsey, came to visit me this week, which involved a trip to Liverpool, a pinch of shopping, a splash of baking, and a lot a lot of laughter. I cannot wait to head home on Saturday, for a week of precious family time, as well as seeing the rest of my closest friends. The only downside is having an essay due two days after my Easter break ends... meaning a few days dedicated to some serious essay writing. Bummer!

Have you done the Spring tag? What's your favourite thing about this time of the year?


  1. What a lovely tag! I think I'm going to fill it in as well, it makes me so happy and excited for spring! X

  2. It's just a nice way to get excited for warmer weather haha! x x x