Can We Talk About: Simple Style

Friday, 10 April 2015

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My fashion sense is always evolving, and I would like to think that it has vastly improved in the last 18 months since starting university. Looking back at photos from Freshers Week, I was dressing myself in endless amounts of bum shorts (and not the good kind), paired with a floral top of some sort. Reaaaaal stylish, Kassi... As my university and blogging careers have both progressed, I have been surrounded by such amazing fashion inspiration, whether from people in real life or fellow bloggers. 'Simple' is definitely the style that I am trying to reach for nowadays, and Pinterest has helped me massively in determining exactly how I want to dress for the Summer of 2015.

Ripped jeans - but not the Topshop pair that everybody seems to have a pair of. I've been stuck in either coloured or black jeans for so long now that I've forgotten what a good old pair of proper denim feels like. Both of the pairs in the bottom left and bottom right pictures are exactly the pair that I'm lusting after - a mid-dark wash, with a partially ripped knee, plus rips elsewhere as well.

Stripes - what's more simple than pairing a stripy t-shirt with a pair of jeans? Again, the bottom left picture is my dream outfit, right down to the shoes. It screams simplicity! The top middle picture will definitely be a beautiful Summer staple, as long as I can get my hands on a good pair of denim shorts that don't reveal too much. I completely boycotted denim shorts last year purely for that reason. I want to be able to feel comfortable in my clothes; not walking around with a giant wedgie all day in the name of fashion. The top left picture is also a beautiful outfit, with a simple striped dress, paired with a black bag. No more florals, Kassi!

Dunagrees - I've owned a few pairs of these in the past but, looking back, I always looked like a little kid in them. I would love to get my hands on a pair that look a lot more stylish than they do childish. As well as short dungarees, I've really starting loving the look of full length dungarees, such as the pair in the top right photo. Especially in black, the outfit looks the epitome of simple paired with a plain white tee.

How has your style evolved over the past year? Is it still progressing, like me?


  1. My taste has evolved but my closet? not much. I need money! Haha!

    And hey, I did the self love tag. Thanks for the inspiration! Ive been binge reading your blog recently omg.

  2. Haha to be honest I'm the same! Trying to stick to buying staples so that my money goes further :) aww thank you so much sweetie, that means so so much! x x x

  3. I love simple outfits. I hate wearing uncomfortable clothes! Much love, Sjoukje

  4. Me too! I don't wear anything tight fitted, bar jeans, because it makes me feel uncomfortable. Baggy tops are the way forward haha x x x