My Week in Pictures // #43

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Exercise, revision, and holiday shopping - the three activities that sum up the past week for me. Really wanting to maintain a proper fitness routine, I'm pushing myself to run much more frequently. Although I started running a month ago, one run every five days is not going to help the way that I want it to. In the last seven days, I've managed to complete three runs, with each getting longer. If I can keep it up, I'm definitely on the right road to fitness! As for revision, my exams are looming nearer as May is creeping up on me. Jack and I booked flights to Spain this week, meaning that we are off on holiday in June! Realising my entire wardrobe is now Winter-orientated, I may have purchased one too many Summer items... Let's take a look at my insta-snaps.

01: On my way to work on an early, I treated myself to a hot chocolate and a croissant
02: My third Sunday roast was a roaring success! Look at all those carrots, nom nom nom
03: Flights booked! Six weeks to go, and we're off to spend 10 days in the beautiful Spanish sun
04: Albiet edited... the amazing sunset as seen from my bedroom window on Monday evening
05: Went for a bright blue nail in the middle of the week, one of Barry M's newbies for the Summer
06: Absolutely in love with this outfit! Black jeans, striped top, denim shirt, and little blue shoes
07: Mixed up my Starbucks order due to the much Sunnier weather this week!
08: Just before my Friday morning run. Between Friday and Saturday, I ran 6 miles. Proud!
09: Changed my nails back to my favourite polish of the month, mentioned in my favourites soon!

What have you been up to this week? Have you been enjoying the (brief) sunny weather?

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