My Week in Pictures // #40

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Week 40??? In 12 weeks time, this weekly feature of my blog will reach its one year anniversary. If I'm honest, I'm considering ending it there. Or do you guys really like a weekly look into my life? Please leave a comment below giving me some advice! The past week has been both good and bad - good because I was visited by my beautiful best friend, but bad because the boyfriend left to go home for two weeks, meaning a lot of alone time here in Manchester. One more week to go until we're reunited - I'm powering through! Lyndsey, Henry, and myself headed to Liverpool for the day on Tuesday, which included a little bit of shopping, and two games of mini golf. Lyndsey then stayed in Manchester for another day and a half, which involved even more shopping... oops!

01: A cheeky Waterstones purhcase last week. I cannot wait to get my teeth into this one!
02: Felt like a mermaid with these shimmery nails - another hand me down nail polish from work
03: Hi, it me! I'm loving how I look with glasses on just recently, especially with a strong red lip
04: Henry took us to the cutest little tea café in Liverpool; my chicken sandwich was to die for
05: A belated birthday gift from Henry, as we took a visit to the Disney Store. A whole family!
06: Awww, look how sweet we look together! I love Lyndsey with all of my heart
07: Obviously we went to Nandos, our absolute favourite restaurant, and our second home...
08: 3 for 2 make up in Boots, and so I took advantage and treated myself. I'm not even sorry
09: Lent has finally come to a close! Seven weeks without a Starbucks almost killed me

How have you spent the last week? Any fun plans for the Easter weekend?


  1. Looks like you had a fun week - that Essie polish is gorgeous! And now I want a Nando's haha!

    Laura x FloraLoo Two

  2. I did thank you! It's definitely one of my new faves :) x x x