Wish List: Next Home

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Love Tealights / Glasses / Sequin Cushion / Kettle / Tea House / Morning Cushion / Mug / Geo Cushion
It's definitely no secret that my home represents the contents of Next Home... one of my favourite things to do is to walk round and point to the various things that I already own. When at the Trafford Centre with Jack on his birthday, we took a quick walk through the store there, and I fell in love with so many new items. I've not been home shopping for a while, and so I can feel a massive spree coming on as I approach the move-out-of-this-flat-and-move-into-that-flat day in July. A home is just not a home without a sprinkle of personal touch...

Let's begin with cushions: a dire love of mine. I actually made an entire pinspiration post confessing my love (which you can find here). As mine and Cat's flat is purple themed, this beautiful sequinned cushion would fit in perfectly! I'm a romantic at heart, having bought Jack 'little spoon' and 'big spoon' mugs for Valentine's, and so this cute 'morning gorgeous' cushion belongs in my life. Last on the cushion wish list is this geometric print, with a lovely streak of mustard going through it. The dream is for a black and white home with mustard features!

Onto the kitchen, I am lusting after some other cutsie and romantic pieces - this 'you are my star/you have my heart' glass set, and the equally adorable mug set. I neeeeeed to get my hands on these! As I already own a little wooden house to hold my eggs (also from Next Home, obviously), I want to up the ante and buy myself a little wooden house to hold my tea as well! The spoon-like handles are what make it for me. Last on my kitchen wish list is this red kettle, with heart detailing. Is it weird to be wishing after a kettle at 20 years of age...? Sorry not sorry

I keep mentioning how much I want to try and incorporate candles into my life, but it's not happened just yet! Even so, I couldn't resist including these 'love' tea lights as a final touch

Is there anything on this list that you'd love to get your hands on? Leave me a comment below!


  1. I am in love with Next home - every time I go in I have to buy some kind of decoration for my flat! Those glasses are super cute, definitely going to pick them up and how adorable is that little tea house?!

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina

    1. I know, I need the glasses and then the matching mugs!!! Everything is just adorable in Next Home x x x