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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Jeans / Dunagrees / Lipstick / Smock / Gold Dress / Jacket / Skirt / Black Dress
Please tell me that I'm not alone in having a bookmark folder full of 'maybe' purhcases??? It's my method of not impulsively buying things, and it sure as hell works (*cough* most of the time). Back in September last year, I went through all of my 'saved-for-laters', and cleared it out of all unwanted goods, leaving behind the items that my heart still lusted for - blog post here. And here we are again! These are the winning eight items that made it through to the other side...

As the weather seems to be getting slightly warmer of recent, let's begin with dresses (and skirts)! This black Missguided dress has been bookmarked for a good few months, and so it might finally be the time to take the plunge and press 'buy'. The only reason for my uncertainty is not wanting to wear it with black tights, but Summer is around the corner... Next is this beautiful gold sequinned dress from Forever 21. Not having anywhere special to wear it to is the reason for my non-purchase thus far, but I could definitely style this as a Summer's day dress! The final dress that fought its way through is this grey oversized smock from American Apparel. I own one blue and one purple oversized smock, both from Boohoo, but they're such unpractical colours to wear on a regular basis. Something so simple would be so much better! I also came across this floral skirt from Forever 21, which is a length that I would never usually go for. Trying to extend my style, this might be a skirt that sees it way into my Summer wardrobe!

Slightly more colder weather appropriate picks are these black ripped jeans from ASOS, and this tobacco jacket, also from ASOS. Having wanted some ripped jeans for a while, but not being a massive fan of the generic knee-slit jeans from Topshop, these are the perfect alternative. In between weather is always a nightmare for me, fashion-wise, as I have no coat/jacket to keep me warm, but not too warm. Spotting this beauty on ASOS, I might have just solved my problem!

My last two winners are these checked dungarees from Missguided, and the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Coachella Coral. I have always been a big fan of dungarees, but I have drifted away from the generic 'denim shorts' look over the past two years. I just think that this navy checked pair would look gorgeous with a plain black tee underneath, or a black jumper over the top! As for the lipstick... who doesn't want to try out a Charlotte Tilbury? This shade looks like the perfect colour for me, and is definitely something that I'm missing from my make up collection...

What beautiful items are sneakily hiding away in your bookmark folder at the moment?

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