What's In My Bag?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Whilst browsing through New Look the other week, I came across this beautiful handbag. Staring at it longingly for a good few minutes, I took the initiative to say no and walk away, but as I turned around... there were another five on the shelf behind me. Wherever I looked, the bag was glaring at me, deep into my eyes, screaming "BUY ME BUY ME BUY ME". Now, who can blame me for giving a cute little pink and monochrome bag the home that it so desperately needed? Two weeks down the line, it can barely leave my side for two minutes, and so I thought it only appropriate to do a 'What's In My Bag?' post, having never done one before. Here we go...

Confession: the contents of my handbag isn't all that interesting. As I mainly use it as my university bag, the bulk of what I usually carry around includes a lot of notes, miniature notebooks, a pencil case, and sometimes my laptop as well. Additionally, I always carry my notebook full of to-do-lists wherever I go, as a place to jot down any blog post inspiration when I'm on the move.

University work and notebooks aside, the remainder of my handbag space is dedicated to beauty. If I ever leave the house without my big Ted Baker make up bag, I actually feel slightly naked. I barely ever feel the need to touch up my make up, unless I've been out of the house since before 9am, but it's reassuring to know that it's in my reach if I do actually need it. Along with my make up, I also carry around my essential make up brushes (powder, blush, and foundation). Before anybody comments, I know how badly these brushes need to be washed... that's one of my bad beauty habits. Whenever in need of a touch up, I whip out my trusty dolphin compact mirror, bought from a Spanish market years upon years ago. I can never leave the house without a can of deodorant at the ready, especially in the Summer. There's nothing worse than sitting on a sweaty Manchester bus in August, realising that you've left your deodorant sitting on your bed-side cabinet. The last beauty item that I tend to have with me is the nail polish that I'm currently wearing, in the event of any terrible snags or chips. The colour displayed is 'Bon Bon' by Ciaté. 

Always laying at the top of my bag is my ever so beautiful Fossil purse, bought back in 2012. I'm forever swapping my purses over through boredom and accidental damage, but this is a purse that I will forever come back to. It's 3 years old and as good as new - what does that tell you? 

Lastly, as I'm a bit of an iPhone freak, I have to have my phone charger with me at all times. As much as I love Apple and everything that they do, when are they going to fix the battery life on their iPhones? Please, it's all we ask! Well, that and headphones that don't tangle themselves...

What do you currently have sitting in your handbag? I hope it's more exciting than what's in mine!


  1. Haha I dont blame you, its a fab bag! Great post!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. Love your bag and reading this was very nice! X Sjoukje