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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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Taylor Swift is the actual love of my life. I know I know, I say that about every new nail polish that I buy, and every new TV show that I get my claws into... but this time I really mean it. She's the love of my life; my spirit animal; my idol. As a fellow female, she's an incredible woman to look up to and learn from. I'm definitely not alone in my love for Taylor, as a large portion of the globe is utterly and unconditionally crazy about her. I'm not quite sure what warms my heart the most - her sheer beauty, her sassiness, her brilliant song lyrics, her positive spirit for life, her strength, her dance moves, her style... Having a crazy night in on my own, blasting out the Swift songs for all to hear, it felt about time to share my top ten. Believe me when I say that this was no easy feat!

01: Our Song // Taylor Swift
As I could barely pick my top ten songs, there is no way that I could then rank them in order... and so I've gone for the method of 'go through each album and pick two songs'. Our Song is the first song that I came across, as it's one of the first of Taylor's songs that I knew every single word to. In contrast to the sound of 1989, you can really feel how country she use to be!

02: Should've Said No // Taylor Swift
To me, this is an all time Taylor classic. It's something that I listen to when I need a bit of nostalgic-feel-good music. Considering how underdeveloped her lyric writing was back then, she managed to express such a strong message in one of her first ever songs!

03: Fifteen // Fearless
As a fifteen-year-old, I could totally relate to this song. "Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them" - the cold hard truth. Growing up listening to Taylor's music made me feel like I had an older sister, as I could really learn from all of her advice. You can still feel the country vibes in her second album, but it does have a pop-like spin to it too.

04: You Belong With Me // Fearless
Another Taylor classic! The music video for You Belong With Me is the first of hers that I ever saw, and I thought that it was amazingly cool that she was wearing 'hipster' round glasses and playing the nerdy girl-next-door type. It's hilarious to look back on now, as she's the sass-queen of the music industry. If only old Taylor had had a bit of self confidence!

05: Last Kiss // Speak Now
If I want to listen to a bit of Taylor, this is my go-to song. Sadly, it's actually set in my mind as a break up song from back in 2012, but her incredible lyrics managed to give me solace when my heart was breaking. "You told me you love me, so why did you go away?", "I don't know how to be something you miss", "I loved your handshake meeting my Father", "I'll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep, and I'll feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe, and I'll keep up with our friends just to ask them how you are, hope it's nice where you are", "I never planned on you changing your mind" - for a soppy git like me, Last Kiss is romance lyric GOLD.

06: Back To December // Speak Now
Another music video of Taylor's that I absolutely adore. Back To December was another sort of break up song for me... oh, who am I kidding? The whole of Speak Now was the album that fixed my broken heart. Taylor was really there for me when I needed her, so much love for you girl

07: Stay Stay Stay // Red
Red was the album that I never really listened to properly... I've owned it for two and a half years, and I've only listened the whole way through three or four times. I'm not sure if it was the sudden change in her style, as she started to turn more pop, but something wasn't quite right. Saying that, some of my all time favourites are on the album. Stay Stay Stay is one of my happy songs.

08: 22 // Red
It was a difficult decision choosing between 22, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, and I Knew You Were Trouble. These are my 'club' Taylor songs, as the album was released on my 18th birthday, meaning that her chart hits were overplayed on nights out. Despite loving all three songs, I had to pick 22 purely for the fact that I can't help but think of a vine that Dan Howell made of him singing to the song on his 22nd birthday. It's the simple things...

09: Black Space // 1989
Although her older albums will always have a place in my heart, 1989 is by far the greatest album that Taylor has ever made. I honestly could not name a single song on the album that I would consider skipping - I've been obsessing about it since it was released four months ago. As for Black Space... do I even need to explain why I love this song so much??? Along with the music video, it's my favourite thing that Taylor has ever done. Ever. So much sass!

10: You Are In Love // 1989
For my final song, I decided on a slow one from her newest album. Although I adore the new, sassier, and more confident Taylor, I fell in love with her originally because of her slow and romantic songs. Come on - Love Story was the song that had me hooked! For me, You Are In Love embodies everything that is so fantastically amazing about Taylor. Her new and better style, with a pinch of the older her that I still love ever so much.

Bonus: Shake It Off (sorry not sorry)

What are some of your favourite Taylor Swift songs? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Love it.

    Josh and I just made this list at 3am. Dedication to your blog or what ;)

    Favourite 2 from each album

    01: Tim McGraw // Taylor Swift
    02: Should've Said No // Taylor Swift
    03: Breathe // Fearless
    04: Forever & Always // Fearless
    05: Dear John // Speak Now
    06: Long Live // Speak Now
    07: All Too Well // RED
    08: The Moment I Knew // RED (Deluxe Edition)
    09: Wildest Dreams // 1989
    10: I Wish You Would // 1989


  2. Hahah thank you! Love you Alice x x x