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Monday, 9 March 2015

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The two moments that I am most excited for in my life are:
1) when I marry the man that sets my soul on fire
2) when I buy my first house (and get to decorate a blank canvas)

If you've followed my blog for a while, or have ever had a conversation with me that lasted longer than a minute, you'll know just how deep my love is for everything home related. Back in November last year, I dedicated an entire blog post to cushions... yes, cushions (find here). Just recently, I seem to be pinning anything and everything bedroom related, and so I thought it appropriate for my next home pinspiration to be dedicated to my beautiful and cosy discoveries!

Let's discuss windows - oh how I long for a big window with a stunning view just beside my bed. The third photo in is the absolute dream, having a slanted ceiling with a wide window to peer out of. The bottom left hand corner would be just as heavenly, yet perhaps a touch less practical. To have a day bed, or a welcoming sofa however... I can totally see that working. Who knows if I'll ever grow out of fairy lights but, currently, they are a definite must for any future bedroom. Photo number seven, with pink lights floating over the bed, brings my heart such peace and joy. 

To add a bit of greenery is something that I'm becoming a lot more interested in, but I'm unsure how to incorporate this. A few cactus plants sitting along my windowsill might look sweet, or a bushy monstrosity sitting in my bedroom corner? Wall art is a priority in my eyes - I would love to begin with white/off-white walls, and have the power to go crazy with inspirational quotes in frames, pretty pictures, and vinyl records. The chest of drawers in the bottom right picture is such a gorgeous and inventive piece of furniture, bringing out my shabby-chic side. 

Finally, the item that makes a room a bedroom... the bed! Covered with simple and elegant sheets, and then layered with blankets and a cushion in every colour, shape, and size. I want my bed to be the place that I can hide when life gets too much; a place that breaks my heart to leave every morning, and welcomes me back every evening. Oh god, can I just buy a house now please???

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