My Week in Pictures // #39

Sunday, 29 March 2015

My snaps this week sum up my week extremely well: McBusted pics, having silly fun with the boyfriend, and the beginning of Spring. The weather has started to get (ever so slightly) warmer, despite it pouring it down with rain all of yesterday... Hopefully it's only a few more weeks until we start to see a definite change in the temperature. Beautiful flowers have started to appear everywhere, and the sky has never been bluer. Jack motivated me to do a bit of exercise this week, including a swimming session, an ab work out, and a run. It's safe to say that my body has been aching ever since! As a reward, Saturday night consisted of a goodbye dominos, before Jack headed back down South to go home for two weeks. Here are all of my 'grams!

01: I pass such amazing flowers every time that I head to Jack's, I had to stop and take a photo...
02: Meg and I had such a wonderful evening seeing McBusted for the second time last Sunday
03: Oh the fun that Jack and I have. Drawing free-hand, this is what our brains came up with
04: Another one from Sunday night! It was a true night of nostalgia, and we had incredible seats
05: Another flower shot. Instagram at this time of the year is full of pretty nature shots!
06: Hosé stole my glasses...
07: The Manchester Eye looks majestic with such a bright blue sky in the background
08: Picked myself out another Spring colour - check out my Spring Nail Essentials post here!
09: We treated ourselves to a cheeky Dominos on Saturday night, and Sunday breakfast...

How has the past week treated you? Hope that you're doing well!

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