My Week in Pictures // #36

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Two full afternoons were spent slaving away in the library this week, writing up 2800 words of my politics essay. I managed to write it surprisingly quickly... fingers crossed I've worked hard enough to achieve a good grade! Ignoring all of my essay work, the past week has been spent just as happily as previous weeks. I've successfully got Jack into Orange is The New Black, and so there's been a lot of late night Netflix binge watching. Last Sunday saw my second ever roast, and Monday saw a lovely evening with my flat from last year. Let's take a look at the snaps!

01: Saturday night saw a slightly drunk Kassi from a glass of wine and a Kopparberg... oops
02: Finally did a big food shop on Sunday, and now my cupboards are overflowing with food
03: Selfies with this guy is quickly becoming one of my favourite things. Look how cute we are!
04: The library is slowly becoming my home... I'm definitely not looking forward to third year
05: When your degree gets you down, chocolate is the answer (yes, I bought an Easter egg)
06: Yet another hand-me-down nail polish from my manager, in a BEAUTIFUL royal blue
07: My view on both Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. It'll be worth it in the end, right?
08: Cheeky selfie yesterday. It was a good hair day, and I was really feeling my berry lip
09: Yesterday also saw a completely black outfit, and so this nail polish only felt appropriate

Enough about me, how are you? Leave me a comment telling me the best part of your week!

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