March Favourites: 2015

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Apart from the university stress that I've felt these past four weeks, everything else has put a smile on my face. Meals out included a get together with last year's flat, breaking Jack's sushi virginity, a (cheeky) Nandos with two of my faves, a pre-McBusted food session with Meg, Patrick, and Rich, and a romantic evening at a Tapas Bar with Jack. Mama Bear came to visit me for Mothering Sunday, and we spent a lovely two days together doing everything that we love - eating, shopping, and the cinema. To anybody that hasn't already seen The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - go right now! March also included a day trip with the boyfriend to Salford Quays, and an attempt at injecting exercise into our lives. Three months into 2015, and I can already tell you that it's going to be one of the best years ever! Here are my monthly favourites.

01: Barry M Speedy Nail Paint in 'Pit Stop' and 'Lap of Honour'
After falling in love with both of these nail polishes, I couldn't not include both of them in my favourites! I was curious to get my hands on one of the new 'Speed Dry' nail polishes, brought out from Barry M, and so I picked up Pit Stop, a grey shade with a lilac undertone. With such a lovely range of spring pastels, choosing just the one proved incredibly difficult! Drying almost instantly, and lasting on my nails for over a week with barely a chip, this has to be the best quality of nail polish that Barry M has ever created! Obviously, I had to head back for another, walking away with a beautiful mauve in the form of Lap of Honour. There's also a green that I have my eye on...

02: Nars Blush in 'Orgasm'
As a cult classic, I'm sure that you're all aware of how gorgeous this blush is. At £23, it's been on my wish list for over a year now, never quite able to justify spending so much on one blush. And so came the day this month, with uni pushing me further and further into a state of stress, that I had to splurge and treat myself. The Sleek dupe, in Rose Gold, is already in my collection, but the lasting power of Orgasm is what makes it 100% worth the price tag.

03: Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in 'Kiss of Life' (111)
Red Nose Day was on the 13th of this month, and so it only felt appropriate to treat myself to a new red lipstick. With plenty of deep berries, and only the one red in the form of Mac's Ruby Woo, it was about time that another one joined my collection. After just one wear, I can already say that it is a new favourite lipstick, with such amazing last power. As much as I love Ruby Woo, it can be very drying due to its matte finish. Kiss of Life, however, is not drying in the slightest!

04: Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 'Classic Beige'
I feel like a traitor towards my Lasting Perfection concealer, as I cheated on it this past month with the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. As foundation has now become a part of my daily make up routine, I realised that the shade of concealer that I was using was far too dark, and so I headed to Boots to pick up the shade lighter... and it was sold out. In desperate need, I reached to try a Rimmel favourite, and I am over the moon. Without a doubt, my new favourite... I'm not even sorry!

05: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 'True Nude'
With the concealer working such wonders, and the want to branch out and try new foundations, I picked up the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. Rimmel are renowned for their foundations, being the best drugstore brand, and I can definitely understand why. With a much thicker texture that I had been using, the coverage is so much better, and even blends into my face more naturally. With a slight glittery shimmer to the product, it helps my skin to look so full of life!

06: McBusted
How could I not mention these beauties, having seen them together as band, live, for the second time just last week? Seeing them live again was a definite blast from the past - a night of nostalgia. As much as I would love for them to continue as a group of six, the arena felt very empty, meaning that they'll either downscale their next tour, or they'll call it quits, and McFly will make a comeback. Whatever happens, they've given me some amazing memories, and they will always have a special place in my heart.

07: Mini Eggs
With Easter just around the corner, every supermarket promotes mini eggs like there is no tomorrow... and I'm an absolute sucker for it. There is no denying that they're a favourite of mine, and so this time of the year is amazing for me. Whatever will I do when shops stop stocking them again in a month or two??? Best stock up now, eh!

How is your year going so far? Looking forward to an Easter break? Leave me a comment!


  1. Nars 'Orgasm' is so raved about, I would love to try it out!

    My March Favourites are here!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  2. The sleek dupe is just as amazing if you don't want to shell out on it! Not worn any other blusher for the past few weeks, so in love with it. Will be sure to check it out! :) x x x

  3. 'Pit Stop' is my favourite from the new Barry M collection. I really love the formula of these, and i'm glad they've changed the brush too - it makes them far easier to apply! NARS Orgasm is one of my all-time favourite blushes. It's absolutely worth all the hype it receives.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  4. The brush is so so much easier to use! 100% agree about orgasm, put off buying it for so long but I have no regrets! x x x

  5. I love the colours of the new Barry M collection, such gorgeous pastels. Nars Orgasm is such a gorgeous blush, I'd love to try it one day.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine // I’d love it if you entered my Blog Birthday Lifestyle Giveaway

  6. Definitely very season appropriate colours haha! I'd love them to bring some out in a Winter shade at the end of the year as well, like they did with silks. If you have the money, definitely go for it! Best make up purchase ever x x x