Get Ready With Me // Daily Routine

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

After seeing Emma's Valentine's Get Ready With Me, I decided to have a go at the conventional YouTube video in blog post style! Instead of getting ready for a specific event, I thought that I'd share with all of your beautiful faces how I get ready on a daily basis. Once ready, I headed off to work, and so my make up and outfit are slightly toned down to be most appropriate. Here I am, in my dressing gown, hair freshly washed and dried the night before, just having rolled out of bed. Let's watch that transformation...

To begin with, a clean head of hair is essential if I'm going to have a good day (second day hair for me are some of my worst possible hair days). Preferring to shower the night before, I had already prepped my hair for the morning, using all of my Aussie babies. I actually mentioned the Aussie Styling Mousse in my February favourites, which you can find here. The first part of my daily routine is my make up. I've just recently started to use foundation (also mentioned in my February favourites), and it's made such a difference to my make up look. Where before I looked slightly patchy due to using my concealer as a foundation, I now look a lot more balanced, and I barely have to touch up throughout the day. I always lay out my make up in front of me in the order that I'm going to apply it, slowly placing each used item back into my make up bag as I go along.

My every day make up consists of the same items, with the odd product change every now and again. I begin my applying No7 Match Made Concealer under my eyes, around the base of my nose, and to any spots. I then use my Lasting Perfection Concealer in the same areas, in addition to my chin, and the bridge of my nose. All of these places are the red parts of my face, and so they need a little bit extra loving. After blending both of these in using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, I apply my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse all over my face, using the same brush to blend. Next goes on my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, and then I pick up my Soap & Glory Wonderbronze, in serious need of a bit of bronzer. Blush comes next, which I usually try to match to my outfit. Going for a simple outfit, I picked an equally simple blush in the form of my Soap & Glory Love At First Blush. To add a bit more shine to my cheekbones, I apply my No7 Radiant Spheres Highlighter. I have a two-fold mascara routine: a simple Lancome mascara as my base coat, with several layers of Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara on top to give me volume. Finally, I pop on a bit of Nivea lip balm, followed my all time favourite lipstick, Mac's Brave.

Apologises for a rough idea of my outfit, but there is far too much clutter in my room to allow me to take an 'OOTD' style shot. I picked my favourite skirt from Urban Outfitters in a beautiful teal shade (I also own the white version, oops), with a simple black lightweight jumper from H&M. The final step to my daily routine is the battle with my hair. When people ask me why I straighten my hair, I will from now on direct them to the above photo. Having to deal with this frizzy and kinky mess every day is a nightmare, especially at the length that it is. I spend about 10/15 minutes running my straighteners through my hair, bit by bit, before tackling my 'fringe'. More often than not, I have the 'ahhhh, that'll do' attitude towards my hair, after pulling and tugging at it for far too long.

And this is my finished look! I usually put contact lenses in, but I've started to enjoy wearing my glasses a whole lot more just recently. Having glasses that I actually feel comfortable to wear has been a god send this past year, and is starting to become a more and more frequent part of my daily look. I hope you enjoyed this (not so, in the end) little get ready with my style post, and feel free to leave a comment below letting me know how you get ready in the morning!