10 Things That Make Me Happy

Friday, 13 March 2015

01: Anything and everything about carousels
I'm not quite sure why, but ever since I can first remember I've had a fixation on carousels. For me, there is just something so peaceful about majestic horses spinning round and round and up and down. Back in 2011, I actually wrote a story about a carousel. The title of the assignment was 'write about something that makes you happy'... so that I did. Click here if you fancy a read!

02: Skype sessions with one of my bestest and oldest friends, Ellie
Back in the day, Ellie and I were on MSN to each other from the moment we got home from school to the moment we went off to bed. 4 or 5 years later, and Skype is our current form of communication. Our chats definitely don't take place as frequently anymore, skyping every 4 months or so, but I'm at my happiest when giggling away to her face on my computer screen

03: Relaxing with a cup of tea, lost in a big blanket, watching a favourite movie
At the end of the day, there's not a lot better than putting your feet up without a care in the world. I cherish the nights that I get to spend, either alone or cuddled up with Jack, under a big warm snuggly blanket, and an all time classic on the big screen. Whether it's a romantic, like Love Actually, or a comedy, like White Chicks, my heart longs for those moments of pure relaxation

04: A Lush bath
Sticking on the topic of relaxation, I'm definitely at my happiest when I'm submerged in a Lush bath. Sometimes I'll bring along the current book that I'm reading, other times I'll place my laptop on the other side of the room and catch up on some YouTube videos... and then there are the times that I will simply peacefully sit there, taking in the ambience, totally de-stressing

05: Putting a smile on somebody else's face
It may be cliché, but knowing that you're the reason for the light in another's eyes is such a glorious feeling. Whether you've made somebody laugh (intentionally or not), or you've helped them out when they were in dire need, it really brings a warmth to my heart to make somebody else smile. Bringing happiness to others is such an incredible way to bring happiness to yourself

06: Looking through old photographs, and reliving memories
Jack can bear witness to this one, as I'm forever flicking through my tagged photos on Facebook, and scrolling through the camera roll on my phone. I'm not quite sure why I do it, but looking at old photographs (especially when I get to share them with somebody that won't have seen them before), really puts a smile on my face. Perhaps I live in the past too much, but I like that my past is a part of my present day happiness. We take photographs to remember, right?

07: Living in a state of non-anxiety
From time to time, I suffer from a mild form of anxiety, which brings along the most horrible of panic attacks. Two or three years ago, these panic attacks were at their peak, and were making my every day life a living hell. Moving onto present day, however, they are very infrequent, as I have learnt to deal with them appropriately, and increase my happiness levels to new highs. Knowing that I don't have to live in fear on a daily basis is a happy feeling indeed

08: Getting a good grade on a piece of work that I put my heart and soul into
At university, I am finding it increasingly difficult to be happy with the grades that I am achieving, simply because of the comparison to my GCSE and A Level grades. When I then put my all into an assignment and receive a brilliant result, the feeling I get is beyond words. I got 78/100 in my Philosophy of Religion module last semester, and literally jumped with joy

09: Little acts of kindness from others
This one is a bit more broad, but is something that fills my heart to the brim. Somebody opening a door for me, my boyfriend meeting me from the train station, a colleague bringing in treats for everyone, excellent customer service when something hasn't gone quite to plan, a stranger running after me to tell me I've dropped something... all of these things are such small and insignificant acts, but they all join together to bring happiness to my soul

10: The endless possibilities for the future
The future is a daunting and frightening place in my mind, as I'm sure it is to most, but it is also somewhere that I cannot wait to experience. The absolute endless amount of opportunities that I have to grab hold of is too exciting to think about. Knowing that I can pretty much go anywhere, do anything, be anyone... the future could not come sooner. Bring it on!