Ten Under Ten

Friday, 13 February 2015

Although I am a student, I somehow own a fair bit of expensive high-end make up products. Whether it's MAC lipsticks, Lancome mascara, or Bobbi Brown blusher, not all of my make up comes from a drugstore. Despite this, some of my all time favourite products are some of the cheaper end ones, and so I have compiled a list of ten amazing make up/beauty products that will cost you under £10, and will be every bit as good as those higher-end brands. Enjoy!

Perfume is never something I have been interested in, only owning a few bottles that have been gifted to me over the years. If I had to pick any smell to be my signature scent, however, I've always gone for the classic vanilla. Although I only use this body mist about twice a week, it's lasted me a good six months and I've only used up the tiniest amount!

This is my holy grail mascara. Although I do use a Lancome one that my Mum kindly gave to me, this will always go on top of any and every other mascara I ever use. It makes my lashes so bold and voluminous, and I never need to touch it up throughout the day.

I now own three of these bad boys, with Sultry being my original purchase. It's still my favourite of the three, by far, as it is such an easy-going and neutral shade. I also adore the mint scent that accompanies the application! It glides on beautifully, and isn't drying on the lips at all.

There's not a lot that I can say about this concealer that either myself or the blogging community as a whole hasn't already said - it's an absolute essential in my make up bag at all times. I even use this concealer as a foundation, as it has such high coverage!

As painting my nails is such a bi-weekly ritual to me, I often paint my nails when I'm on the go. Yes, I'm one of those annoying people that paint their nails on the train... and I'm not even sorry. This little pot of nail polish remover makes my life so much easier, rather than carrying round cotton pads and a bottle. Never has removing my nails ever been so quick and easy!

With quite oily skin, this powder is perfect for me. It de-dews my face after applying my concealer, and is the perfect product to keep me matte throughout the day. It also helps to balance out my blusher if I've accidentally applied too much to my cheekbones!

I could recommend pretty much every one of these, but I thought I'd stick to my absolute favourite colour. With two coats, it looks like the most incredible high-end finish, and lasts until you want to paint your nails again! Chai is such an easy colour to wear, that goes with absolutely everything.

Apart from Barry M, Topshop nail polishes are my other go-to brand. Again, I could recommend every colour, but this mauve shade has to be my all time favourite.

I have mentioned this blush countless times, as it is my holy grail shade. Whenever I'm unsure what make up look to go for, this is the blush that I reach for. I love the fact that it's a dupe for Nars' Orgasm. If you want to read more, take a look at my 'Best of Blush' post here!

The final product that I'm going to mention is another blush, quite dissimilar from the one above. Where Sleek's Rose Gold is a pink shimmer, Bourjois' Rose Ambre is an orange toned blush. This looks absolutely beautiful in the Summer, as it really brings out your tan! I own four of these little round pots, and I'm sure that number is only going to grow...

Is there anything on this list that you've tried and loved? Is there anything else under £10 that you could recommend? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts!


  1. Love this article! And oh, that Madagaskar Vanilla Flower perfume is SO good! <3
    Much love, Sjoukje

    1. Thank you! :) it's such a gorgeous scent x x x

  2. Cant believe I'm still yet to try the Collection concealer!
    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  3. I completely agree with you in terms of the collection concealer, the maybelline falsies mascara and the bourjois nail polish remover! I'm yet to try the stay matte powder, and I'd also love to try the revlon colourburst! I absolutely love the shade you have pictured x


    1. All such great products. Love the stay matte powder, really just helps me out in oily situations! :') x x x

  4. The Gelly range of nail polishes are a favourite of mine too, they always make my nails look like they have been professionally done! xx


    1. I know, right?? They are some of the best nail polishes out there, although I have now progressed onto essie... x x x

  5. I love the falsies, probably my favourite mascara! I love the maybelline fit me concealer, more than the collection one which i found a bit too heavy.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. It's such a good mascara! I am starting to realise how heavy the lasting perfection concealer is... I might start to branch out to see what I can find! :) x x x