Taking Stock // February

Monday, 23 February 2015

Summing up February through the beauty of a list! (See my November Taking Stock here)

Making: tasty food, including my very first Sunday roast, a beautiful chilli, and these cookies
Cooking: oops, already answered this one! I've made pancakes twice this month as well 
Drinking: a hell of a lot of tea. Jack is a tea fiend, and drinks at least three cups a day
Reading: Tanya Burr's book 'Love, Tanya'. I'm so proud of every YouTuber bringing out books!
Wanting: warmer weather. Really sick of the cold, windy, and wet weather right about now
Looking: for blog post inspiration. Really slacking on that front at the moment, help!!!
Playing: a lot of quiz games. I can now name all 50 states of America thanks to Jack
Deciding: what to do with my Summer. Holidays, internships, weekend trips... what to do?
Watching: That 70s Show and Gogglebox. Both are such easy to watch TV shows
Enjoying: having less work to do this semester. 4 weeks in and I don't feel overworked (yet)
Waiting: for the end of Lent, so that I can drink my beloved Starbucks again! So much self control
Liking: how much rubbish food I've eaten this past month, and how little weight I've put on
Wondering: what I would look like with 4 inch shorter hair. Should I take that leap?
Loving: being in a new and exciting relationship. The beginnings are always amazing
Hoping: that my politics essay goes well. The research and planning is underway...
Marvelling: at the film 'The Theory of Everything'. Stephen Hawking is such an inspiration
Needing: a long Lush bath. I have so many bath bombs and bubble bars to try out
Smelling: the beautiful roses and lilies that Jack bought me for Valentine's Day
Wearing: a lot more simple and basic outfits of recent. Florals are (almost) a thing of the past
Following: essiebutton and wishwishwish on Instagram. Both such beautiful bloggers!
Noticing: how much of a difference a good brush makes to my make up routine
Thinking: (as I am typing this) about the fish and chips that my Papa Bear is bringing home...
Admiring: all of the beautiful Spring colours that the shops have started to introduce
Buying: so much beautiful make up. Definitely had a bit of a make up binge of recent!
Getting: excited at the thought of the Summer. Semester two is always so much faster
Bookmarking: anything and everything on Etsy - especially in the homeware section
Disliking: my 9am starts on a Thursday. Lectures belong at 11am or later...
Snacking: on the massive box of Lindt Lindor that is currently sitting on my windowsill

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