Can We Talk About: Hair Envy

Thursday, 5 February 2015

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Life really starts to drag when you're bored of your hair. Want to know the worst thing to do when you have a case of serious hair-related blues? Go on pinterest. How does everybody else's hair seem to look flawless, when I have to play a game of war with the straighteners every single morning? It doesn't really seem fair...

It's been in fashion for a good few years now, but I'm really starting to want ombré hair. With a temptation to dye my hair blonde, but the good sense not to, an ombré of blonde at the lengths would surely make for a decent compromise? As well as wanting a change in colour, I've been having the full fringe debate with myself for about a year now. The pros: it definitely suits me, I don't wear glasses on a daily basis anymore meaning that it'll sit a lot better, and it'll hide my five-head. Cons: do I reaaally have the time and patience in the morning to get it perfect? If I get annoyed at my hair with a slight side fringe, bangs might actually send me insane. And so the debate continues.... I also gained serious plait envy scrolling through pinterest. A side plait was my go-to hair style over the Summer, but it's disappeared from my life since the Winter has dawned upon us. I wish I could make the effort to learn how to fishtail braid my hair, but I always get frustrated a few strands in and give up. If only I could hire somebody as my professional fishtail braider! Part of me is drawn towards orange locks, having always wanted a red tint going through my hair. Whether it would suit me, though, is an entirely different matter. And then there's the age old issue - curly or straight? I straighten my hair on a daily basis, but maybe I should start to mix it up slightly. Change isn't all that bad, is it? Hair issues are endless (#firstworldproblems)

Perhaps 2015 is the year that I'll be adventurous with my hair... but, more than likely, perhaps not. What hair style/colour would you pick if you could have any with ease?

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