My Week in Pictures // #33

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The last week has been a fantastic one full of baking, seeing good friends, and Jack. For Valentine's Day yesterday, we spent the entire day together snuggled up under a blanket watching random TV shows and films - what better way to spend the day??? My first year with a proper Valentine, and it's been an amazing one. In England for a week, one of my oldest and best friends, Sophie, came to visit me for the night. She's returning to me for a few days next week before jetting back off to Turkey (*cough* jealous). It should be a lovely few days spent with a bestie!

01: Good old fashioned selfie, loving wearing my plaid scarf with a plain cream jumper recently
02: Made the cutest cookies with Meg last Saturday night, take a look at our creations here!
03: Had the Starbucks Valentine's special Triple Hot Chocolate this week - absolutely incredible!
04: Isn't he a cutie, dotting my i with a heart? Definitely beat the boyfriend at Scrabble, oops...
05: Caught up with Alice over an amazing Slug & Lettuce on Monday. 50% can never go wrong!
06: My Essie barrier has well and truly broken, this is only one of the four I've bought this week
07: Quickly changed to 'too too hot' for a Valentine's style nail. I'm addicted, someone help!
08: Had a beautiful Italian with Sophie for our lunch on Friday. We always eat such amazing food!
09: The boy did well! The cutie showered me with presents (my fave being a hippo mug...)

How did you spend your Valentine's Day? However you did, I hope it was wonderful!


  1. Love those Essie nail shades!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. So glad you had a lovely week sweetie! I have just uploaded a post on my V'Day, it was so lovely! Keep on smiling.

    Love, Summer.