My Week in Pictures // #32

Saturday, 7 February 2015

University is definitely back, as I'm already drowning in work and deadlines. At least this semester is a hell of a lot better than last! It's not all bad - I made my first ever Sunday lunch last week for Jack, and it was a roaring success. I also made him a chilli on Thursday evening... he's turning me into a right little chef. Another first this week was watching Superbad. Brought out in 2007, and a very popular film, I've somehow never got around to watching it. I must say, it's definitely not worth the hype... enjoyable, but nothing as good as I was expecting, oh well! Here are my snaps.

01: I can never get it right with online shopping - sent all three items back to Missguided!
02: Bought my first ever Essie nail polish and I am so in love. I've opened the floodgates now...
03: Alright alright, Superbad did make me laugh a fair bit. But I was just expecting so much more!
04: LOOK HOW AMAZING THIS SUNDAY LUNCH LOOKS??? One of my proudest moments
05: Back at uni, and I feel like I never had a Christmas break. My degree seems never-ending!
06: Tried my first ever hazelnut hot chocolate, and it may have replaced my love for vanilla
07: Spent my Thursday afternoon drinking tea and reading about parenthood. Student life
08: Chilli is one of my all time favourite meals to make. Just wish I'd made some garlic bread too!
09: Had a wonderful evening on Thursday, watching a fave movie and painting my nails

How is February treating you so far? This year seems to be flying by already!


  1. Haha I 'opened the floodgates' for Essie last year, now I probably have about 20..... good luck!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. I'm already tempted to go back and buy a few more, aaaaah! x x x