Baking: Valentine's Day Cookies

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, Meg and I spent our most recent Saturday night baking a range of tasty treats for our other halves. I have to give (almost) full credit to Meg for these incredible cookies; she's an absolute baking GODDESS, who I am thoroughly looking forward to living with come July. Our third year of university might be a slightly chubby one! As well as these amazing home-made jammy dodgers (which you can find all of the details for here), we also made some cupcakes using the Valentine's cases in my recent Paperchase Haul. For her birthday, Meg received a mass amount of baking equipment, including a piping syringe, allowing us to decorate the cupcakes beautifully. Unfortunately, I experienced one of the biggest blogging problems - my camera ran out of battery. This meant that I wasn't able to snap any shots of the cupcakes! You'll just have to take my word for it that they were amazing, in sight and in taste...

First thing's first - we measured out all of our ingredients and mixed them all into a bowl together. We took 125g of butter and 250ml of sugar, got out Meg's trusty whisk, and whisked the two together. In went one egg, followed by a bit of a whisk, and then went in the second egg. 625ml of flour was then sieved into the mixture (how much flour???), quickly followed by 12.5ml of baking powder. We (meaning Meg, and an extra bit of help from our friend Jess) mixed all of the ingredients together until a dough started to form. Nothing tastes better than raw cookie dough...

Next up came the rolling pin, accompanied by a mass amount of moans and groans from me. Once the dough was at the correct thickness, I was in charge of cutting out all of the circle cookies, and Meg then followed behind by cutting out hearts in half of the circles. We had planned to bake the miniature heart cookies as well, but they ended up being nibbled at whilst we carried on baking. Sorry not sorry! Once all the cookies were cut out, and half of the middles had been de-hearted, we placed them in the oven for around 10 minutes.

Whilst the cookies were baking away, we squeezed about 2/3 of the jam out of this little bottle, and heated it up in a pan. This was then spread onto the circle cookies, and the heart shaped ones were sandwiched on top! Once all of the 'jammy dodgers' had been created, we took all of excess jam and filled in the hearts that didn't look quite so red and full.

As a finishing touch, Meg sieved some flour on top, and look how beautifully they turned out! As soon as all blog photos had been taken, and Instagrams had been posted, we dived straight in to try our creations... and we were both speechless. These are definitely going to be a regular treat in our flat next year, whatever the time of the year! If you're looking for a cutesy Valentines treat to bake, I would thoroughly recommend having a go at this beauties. Minus the lengths of time I was taking photos for, I would say that the whole process took around 60-90 minutes. I would happily spend all day baking to create something so utterly delicious, to be honest with you!

Have you been doing any Valentine's Day baking ? Let me know if you attempt these cookies!


  1. Oooh they look so delicious! I think I'm going to try them out! Much love, Sjoukje

    1. They were so so nice! Much better warm than cold, though. Definitely give them a go!! x x x

  2. These look so yummy! Such nice little valentines goodies <3

    Emma x
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