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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Foundation / Illamasqua Blush / Stila Blush / Elf Crayon / Elf Powder / Blushing Hearts / Elf Blush / MAC Lipstick

A year ago, I wouldn't have even thought about searching the internet for my next beauty purchase - but it's a whole different story today! Over the span of 2014, my make up evolved from using under eye concealer, blush, mascara, and lipstick to using a concealer as a foundation, powder, bronzer, highlighter, blush, mascara, and even more lipstick. With much less knowledge of the beauty and make up world, I was frightened of experimenting with new products. Now? It's one of my favourite things to do! As my make up collection grows this year, I want to move on to an actual foundation, eyeliner, and eye shadow. Three things that I've never dabbled in before... but let's take them one step at a time. Here are a few beauty picks that I am wishing for right now!

Let's begin with a newbie - foundation. In the past, I've never felt the need for foundation, as my skin has always seemed clear enough on its own. Building up my make up routine, however, I've realised that it's definitely something that I should invest in, as I use my concealer as make-shift foundation... The hardest part now, though, is actually finding something to suit my skin tone! I've heard such wonderful things about L'oreal True Match Foundation, and so this will probably be my go-to try. I'm hoping that a lady at the L'oreal counter can match me!

How could I be talking to you about make up without throwing in one (or four) blushers? If you would like to read all about my current favourites, I've written a whole blog post about it here! As my Bobbi Brown blusher is one of my true loves, I would love to experiment with other higher end blushers, in particular Illamasqua in 'Naked Rose'. Onto a mid-range brand, this Stila Baked Cheek Duo has been on my wish list for at least six months - I'm running out of excuses to not invest! Lastly, onto slightly less expensive brands, I've picked elf blush in 'Twinkle Pink', and this Too Faced dupe in 'Blushing Hearts'. As much as I would love to own the actual Too Faced baked blush, the dupe looks like an almost perfect replica!

Staying on the elf website, I managed to find two more products that I would love to get my hands on. First up, this Tone Correcting Powder. I haven't yet decided which shade I would go for, but it looks like the perfect powder to balance out my skin. Not too dissimilar from Bobbi Brown's Brightening Finishing Powder, either! Secondly, I had to include this Matte Lip Colour in 'Tea Rose', after reading this review by Birds Words recently. From it's pinky nude appearance, it sounds like the perfect every day lip colour.

And who could make a beauty wish list without including at least one MAC lipstick? The colour that I have been craving since the Summer is 'Mehr'. Thinking about it, it was definitely included in one or two wish lists in the second half of 2014! Whenever I head to my nearest MAC counter, however, it's never in stock. Maybe it's fate, trying to tell me that I already own too many...

What beauty products have you been lusting after recently? Have you tried any of my picks? Leave me a comment below!

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