Wardrobe Change Around // Winter Edition

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The last photo is such an accurate behind-the-scenes portrayal. Blogging isn't all glamour!

Going all the way back to last May, my Summer wardrobe was revealed to you all. Looking back on it now, everything was very floral, and the majority were what I would call 'one-time pieces'. Eight months later, and I feel like my style has evolved quite significantly. Rather than buying clothes with loud patterns, that I'll wear for two months and then push to the back of my wardrobe, I've made a sensible fashion decision. Every time that I find a piece of clothing that catches my eye, I ask myself the simple question: how many different ways can I wear this item? If the answer is two or more, I'm safe to make a purchase. As this becomes more of a routine, the number will rise from two, to three, to four, and eventually to five. Unless it's uber special, what is the point in purchasing something that you can only wear one way? Staples are the way forward! If you would like to see how my style has changed since the Summer, you can read my Summer Edition here!

...aaaanyway, let's take a look at these five beauties. Each item has been collected throughout the last month. To begin with, my Dad bought me this beautiful tartan scarf for Christmas, and I sort of haven't taken it off since. Scarves are a true love of mine. I'm always alternating between the dozen that I own - but this one has become an instant favourite. Combined with my black ear muffs, and a bit of red lippy, I feel like a real Winter fashionista! Unfortunately, I have no idea where it is from, but I'm sure a red plaid scarf isn't too hard to find! Next up is this colour-block sweater, courtesy of Topshop. Although it has a £38 price tag, I managed to scoop it up for a total of £14 (I may have had a cheeky gift voucher, and student discount is a life saver). Definitely worth the money, if I say so myself! It's such a simple jumper, without being too boring - something to easily throw on with a pair of black jeans. In the Urban Outfitters sale, I picked up this ivory jumper, and this monochrome skater skirt. Already owning the skirt in teal, and getting a lot of wear out of it, I just knew that I had to scoop up another. Taking this logic, I may have to purchase the jumper in black and/or plum... find something you like and buy it in every colour, right??? Lastly, this beautiful monochrome stripe shirt has entered my Winter wardrobe. I'm definitely feeling monochrome more than ever right now, realising how simplistic yet effective it can look. Then, adding a splash of colour, especially in the form of the tartan scarf, goes such a long way!

What do you think to my recent purchases? Have you made any yourself? Leave me a comment!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about summer clothes mostly being one-time pieces. I get bored of summer clothes so easily. I love wrapping up for winter and I find I suit the winter clothes so much more. Jumpers and flannel shirts are my thing! Along with anything with stripes and scarves. Fab post Xx


    1. Yeah exactly, Winter clothes are soooo much better! Sweater weather is definitely better weather... well, for clothes anyway. Thank you! :) x x x