My Week in Pictures // #30

Saturday, 24 January 2015

EXAMS ARE OVERRRRRRR!!! Well, until May at least. Although I'm not entirely sure how they went, as I can never tell with university exams, I'm so relieved that they're finally over. Saying that, semester two begins in two days time, meaning the constant work load begins once again. Don't I live such a fascinating life? Apart from the torture of exams and last minute revision, the last week has been a successful one - Meg and I have signed for our flat for next year! It's such a beautiful flat, and it's in a much better location than where I live right now. Excited doesn't even cut it!

01: Revision seriously killed me this week. Why did nobody warn me that university is hard???
02: How cute are these notes that Cat left on my door? Cutest flatmate award goes to...
03: Another revision photo - can you tell that I was loving life? So glad that they're behind me
04: And this is why I straighten my hair. Frizzy hair is the absolute bane of my life
05: Still so proud of Zoe for her beauty range! Always smile when I pass it by in Superdrug
06: Nail painting therapy after my last exam was much needed. My nails were chipped to hell
07: And also had a post-exams nandos to celebrate! Can't beat some peri-peri chicken
08: Joined everybody for a night of incredible food at Foodfight in Manchester last night
09: Absolutely adore the postcards in Paperchase, and I may have bought 5 notebooks too...

How has the last week treated you? Leave me a comment below!


  1. Those notes are so cute! I too love doing my nails, I always need complete silence when I do it though, or I'll mess them up, haha x


    1. Thank you haha! Yeah, I put my full concentration onto them x x x

  2. It looks like you had a good week! Much love, Sjoukje