My Week in Pictures // #28

Saturday, 10 January 2015

After a not so great start to the year with a terrible cold, I'm only just starting to feel better (although my whole body has ached today). To top it all off, revision this week has been driving me insane. Why is it so much more difficult to revise for university exams??? I learn so well when a thousand and one facts are thrown at me, and I'm expected to know them at the click of a finger - having to find my own information in the first place is tedious and boring. Yawn. I'll just keep whispering to myself that it'll be over soon enough... well, until May at least!

01: Stupid Silly Revision. 5th year running that my January has looked like this... one more to go!
02: Lemsip for the weak. Add a bit of honey, and this little cuppa can make me feel 10x better
03: Always exciting receiving an asos package! A shame that none of it was wanted though...
04: Isn't this the best idea in the entire world?! A marvellous Christmas prezzie from Mama Bear
05: A bath with a lush bath bomb is a necessity when on death's door. So uber relaxing!
06: Still so in love with this nail polish - read more about it in my December favourites here!
07: Although the picture doesn't show it, I actually saw the stars in Manchester this week
08: After mourning Gossip Girl for two months, I've started up my next TV show...
09: Why must it always rain in Manchester? Rule #1: never find yourself without an umbrella

Here's to hoping that next week I'm back to 100%! How has your week been?


  1. Oh how I don't miss revision!! Good luck!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

    1. I just keep telling myself: 18 months to go! Thanks :) x x x