My Main Man Ed

Friday, 30 January 2015

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This post has been a long time coming. Any one who knows me will understand how much love I have for Ed Sheeran, and I've expressed it to your beautiful faces on multiple occasions. After receiving his book, 'A Visual Journey', for Christmas from my wonderful brother, my passion and affection for him has grown to an all time high.... and so has come the time to dedicate an entire post to the wonder that is my main man Ed.

He became known to me back in 2011, when he was touring much smaller venues, such as Rock City in Nottingham. Despite how badly I wanted tickets to go and see him, his entire tour was completely sold out... not really a surprise, now that he's an international phenomenal. The world blew up about him over night, or so it seemed that way to me. Reading his book has made me realise just how much work, sweat, and effort he has had to contribute to his career to be where he is now. It certainly did not happen over night, let's just put it that way.

Seeing him live twice last year were two of the best memories I have to this date, the first being when he headlined V Festival, and the second being on the Multiply tour. The bestie, Lyndsey, accompanied me to both performances, which really put the cherry on top of the cake. Watching him not only perform his musical masterpieces, but physically create them on the spot through a loop pedal, was an experience that nothing can compare to. The talent that oozes out of him is truly remarkable. Some personal highlights of both performances, for myself, would have to be: his added rap in You Need Me Man, I Don't Need You, lights shining throughout the arena during A Team, hearing Thinking Out Loud live, and his exit from the stage whilst the arena continued Sing to the bittersweet end. The fact that I've never heard him sing Wake Me Up live breaks my heart just a little bit, as it's the song that made me fall head over heels in love with him in the first place.

If you asked me what it is that I love about him so passionately, my answer would be two part:
1) he is a song writing genius
2) he is an absolute inspiration to anybody that needs that extra push to follow their dreams

If you sit down and listen to the beauty that is his music, his lyrics are like no other. Want to marry somebody? "I could do without a tan on my left hand where my fourth finger meets my knuckle". What about expressing how much you miss somebody? "I don't get waves of missing you anymore, they're more like tsunami tides in my eyes". I repeat: song writing genius.

Reading his book has really opened my eyes to how hard he had to work for his dreams. These days, with programmes like the X Factor, it seems as though music has lost all of its meaning. Despite my soft spot for them, what did One Direction have to do to become famous? Audition for a TV show, and get picked by Simon Cowell to form a boy band. Teenage girls from all over the world did the rest. What did Ed Sheeran have to do to become famous? Move out of his family home when he was 16, sleep wherever there was a spare bed, play more than 300 gigs a year, get rejected more times than he could count by major record labels, and only finally get offered a contract when they saw some appeal to him. The amount of respect that I have for him rejecting the record company that suddenly wanted to sign him when they saw how well loved he was is an incredible amount. They clearly didn't believe in his music, and so he didn't believe in them.

...I think that this is enough for now. I could express my love for my main man Ed until the end of time, and so I'll stop myself before I fall into a black hole that I'll never scramble out of. 

(Oh, and did I mention that he is possibly the cutest human being on the planet?)


  1. I must admit, his lyrics are so refreshing and wonderful. Recently I find myself obsessing over his lovey-mushy songs before going to bed, haha.