Feeling Sorry For Myself

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

If you've read my latest Instagram update (which you can find here), then you'll know that I've not had the best start to the year so far. I've been cursed with a terrible cold, and no matter how hard I try to get better, it doesn't seem to be shifting. I spent all day yesterday feeling sorry for myself, in my dinosaur onesie, and cuddling my gigantic Lotso the Bear. As if I'm not suffering enough, I have exams in two weeks time, and so I can't even fall asleep to Netflix under a big fluffy blanket. I'm definitely feeling very sorry for myself... As a general rule on this blog, every negative has to be met with a positive, and so I'm going to share the few things that help when I'm feeling so crappy.

→ Drink an unspeakable amount of tea. Or coffee. Or hot chocolate. Whatever your favourite hot drink is, make sure you're never without a cup in your hand. If anything, the warmth radiating through the mug will be enough, especially when it's this bitterly cold outside.

→ Cuddle someone/thing. Lotso the Bear has been a wonderful companion for the last week, being my ultimate cuddle buddy. If you have a significant other, a best friend, or a family member that you can receive warm hugs from - run at them and don't them go.

→ Get an early night. It sounds so simple; so why it is so hard??? It's rare that I go to bed before midnight, no matter the day of the week. Being ill, however, makes me want to sleep as much as I possibly can, forcing me into bed for 11pm at the latest.

→ Soak in a long, hot bath. Baths are growing on me recently... to just sit and soak, with a luxury lush bath bomb and my YouTube 'Watch Later' list, I can't imagine anything more relaxing. If you're feeling crappy, you absolutely have to pamper yourself. It's the rules!

There is plenty more that I can mention, but I'm going to stop my list here, as I feel another coughing fit coming on. To anybody else suffering with a Winter cold, get all the rest in the world, and don't be afraid to feel sorry for yourself... I totally am!


  1. I am about to get a cold and will be taking your advice!! My "Old Wives' Tale", "Feed a cold, starve a fever" may be kicking in today. If your appetite isn't great - cheesy chips. Get the oven on - If you can manage to peel potatoes. Chip them, part-boil them - drain them - spray some light olive oil on them. Stick em' on a baking tray with a bit of foil (stops sticking). When they are crispy, I stick about 40g of light-grated cheese on top until melted and possibly a tin of baked beans. It is yummy. If you can't manage - get someone else to do it ;-) or by chips or oven chips (I try to do low fat where possible). Tea solves all problems! ;-) Absolutely love this blog - Debbie Ault - London, Kent.

    1. Ahhhh that sounds incredible, definitely gonna give that a go sometime soon when I can't be bothered to cook properly. Tea solves all problems, 100%. Thank you very much :) x x x