10 More Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Friday, 16 January 2015

A previous post that I published last Summer, '10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me', is one of my most viewed posts... and so here I am with part two!

01: Snow is an unnecessary form of weather
How anybody likes snow is beyond me. It makes for a very pretty picture, but it's just so unpractical! There's nothing fun about it - even making a snowman is cold and dirty... Maybe I'm just a bit of a scrooge about the whole thing, but snow and me do not mix!

02: I have enough scarves to wear one a day for a fortnight
I'm not quite sure how this obsession started out - I have a strange suspicion that it has everything to do with my Mum. As well as the four or five thick Winter scarves that I own, I also have a wide collection of thinner and more Summery scares of all different colours and patterns.

03: If I could be anything for Halloween, I would be a mermaid
I've always wanted to have photographs taken of me to look like a mermaid. Craig will vouch for this, as I've asked him on multiple occasions to photoshop me into one! As this hasn't yet happened, perhaps I'll just have to settle for a fancy dress outfit instead

04: Kodaline’s 2013 tour is the best concert I’ve ever been to
They're not my favourite band/artist of the many that I've seen; that award definitely goes to Ed Sheeran. Despite this, the feeling that consumed my heart whilst they played their dreamy lullaby-type songs was indescribable... I could have stood there for eternity without a care in the world

05: I’ve been a specky four-eyes for ten years now
I first realised that my vision wasn't quite 20-20 when I couldn't read the whiteboard all the way back in year five. Ironically, my best friend had glasses and I thought it was 'cool', and so I secretly prayed that I needed them to. A year or two down the line, I certainly felt a hell of a lot different! After years of dithering, I've now worn contacts for the past two and a half years

06: Despite being Starbucks’ biggest fan, I don’t like coffee
...is that strange? I honestly just order hot chocolate, of every variety. My all time favourite is a vanilla hot chocolate with cream, but I was looooving the honey and almond hot chocolates over the festive period. A mocha is the nearest I'll get to coffee, with the Summer classic mocha cookie crumble as another fave of mine

07: The blogs that I check on a regular basis include the-little-plum, emiloue, and elliesft
Absolutely love these three beauties. The first is a fashion based blog, and I adore Chloe's style so much. She's actually recently created a YouTube channel, which you can find here! Emily is also a fashion based blogger, but who also dabbles a lot in beauty and lifestyle. I'm forever checking up on her blog to see what she's been up to. And lastly, the wonderful Ellie! I (sort of) know Ellie in real life, she's a friend of a friend, and I find so much inspiration through her blog

08: One of my best friends, Zoe, and I have a tradition of a yearly game of Monopoly
This began back in 2010, and we've played it every December since. It's not Christmas if we don't share our game of Monopoly! We really should have kept a tally of who wins each year, but we're not quite that organised. Our last game took place on the 28th last month, and Zoe won...

09: I know (pretty much) all the words to every episode of Gavin and Stacey
This is another sort of tradition that Zoe and I share. Perhaps tradition isn't quite the right word... but almost every time that we see each other we end up watching one of the three seasons. After watching each season at least five times each, we still find it just as hilarious as the first time

10: I can’t wait another five months for the next season of Orange Is The New Black
I binge watched the first two seasons of OITNB back in June last year, and it instantly became a new favourite TV show. Because it's on Netflix, however, a whole season is released at once, meaning a year long wait for the next one... unfair or what??? Usually I can stand the three/four month break in the Summer that TV shows usually take, but a year is killing me. Here's to June!

If you have any interesting facts about yourself, please leave them in the comments below!


  1. I couldn't agree more that snow is unnecessary. It causes so many problems and makes walking anywhere such a hassle. Also, I'm insanely jealous that you've seen Kodaline! xx

    Catherine / caffrinc.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I don't understand why other people like it haha! They're incredible live, you needed to go and see them. Saw them at V Festival as well! x x x

  2. I now have enough scarves I can wear a different one every day for over a month...

    1. Haha, that's what Fat Face will do to you! x x x