Wish List: Anthropologie

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

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As a home décor freak, it's not shocking how much time I spend scrolling down the anthropologie website. Unfortunately, as a measly student, such high brand homeware is slightly out of my budget - but a girl can dream, can't she??? This is a wish list after all... maybe if I wish really hard?

Being December, I couldn't make a wish list without a few Christmas picks to throw into the mix - this 'baby it's cold outside' tea towel, and this reindeer set. Is it silly to want pretty tea towels in my home, when all that they're going to be used for is drying pots, and wiping surfaces? Staying within the kitchen, I have always wanted one of these amazing letter mugs! I already own a K scrabble mug, but who wouldn't want one of the anthrologie classics? Once my cup of tea with two (*cough* sometimes three) sugars has been made, I'm a strong believer in coasters, leading me to pick these uniquely textured ones! My last kitchen pick had to be these patterned bowls. I already own a few alike, but the patterns on these are just so beautiful! They can always be put to good use, whether they're used for small portions of Chinese food, chocolates and sweets, or just having bits of potpourri around the flat! Non-kitcheny picks have included this happy cushion (I definitely have a cushion obsession), this astounding puzzle, and these library letters. I am never going to stop wanting to decorate my home with little quirky things but, for now, I may need to limit myself to a less expensive brand. Hey - at least it's something to aim towards!

Is there anything that you're loving on the anthrologie website?