What's On My Phone?

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Taking a long hard look at my life, I have a very unhealthy attachment to my phone. I'm sure that I'm not alone, as a strong proportion of our society depend on their phones. Bypassing this (only slightly) harmful fact, who isn't interesting in having a nosey at what's on someone else's phone? So that's exactly what I'm going to present you with, by discussing my six most used apps, other than the obvious social platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here goes...

Let's begin with a given - Snapchat. Who doesn't love an ugly selfie of your best friend stuffing chocolate into their mouth on a lonely Friday night? In all seriousness, snapchat is actually the easiest way to force the world to see what you're doing - oh the joy of snapchat stories!

A recent favourite of mine is Timehop. It is both nostalgic and horrifying looking back on your life over the last five years. Some days the app brings a huge smile to my face, bringing back memories that were long forgotten. But other days... other days I am just rudely awoken to how embarrassing my 15-year-old self was, posting status' about anything and everything every other hour on Facebook. Why did nobody tell me to stop???

The first of the two photo editing apps that I'm going to mention is Afterlight. It's actually the app that I use to edit all of the photos for my blog - I don't use fancy photoshop, I just use Afterlight. As well as blog photos, it is also the app that I use to edit all of my Instagram photos. I don't remember the last time that I used an actual Instagram filter (that is sooooo 2010...) Afterlight is an actual saviour, making my average photography look somewhat special.

Whitagram is the second photo editing app that I use on a very regular basis. With Instagram only allowing you to post square photos, it sometimes seems quite restrictive. Whitagram allows me to keep the original shape of my photo, whether that be landscape or portrait, by including a white border. Just recently, I've tried to change the way that my Instagram page looks, and have only included landscape photos by using Whitagram - it's a life saver!

As a student, I'm always on the hunt for a discount code here or there. Generally, I can get away with a student card to knock me at least 10% off most of my purchases, but restaurants don't quite work like that. Instead, I have my trusty Vouchers app, that provides me with discount codes for all of my favourite places to eat. A must need app for anybody with a passion for food like myself.

Playlists and soundtracks are two of my favourite ways to experience music, and so 8Tracks is the perfect app for me. I have found some of my most-loved songs from 8Tracks, and discovered a variety of different bands. The playlist in the snapshot above, entitled "Songs to lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling to" has been a saved playlist of mine for the last five years. No matter what new playlists I uncover, it is always the one that I find myself coming back to. If you'd like to check it out, I'll leave a link here. If you love alternative/relaxing/thought provoking music, you'll love it.

There's your cheeky little look into my digital life. What apps do you find yourself attached to?


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