The Perfect Christmas Accessories*

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dress / Nails / Necklace / Watch / Bracelet
Working in a watch/bag/jewellery shop has completely changed my perspective on how much an accessory can add to an outfit. I've never been the type of girl to wear statement necklaces and have bangles from my wrist to my elbow - my style is a lot more simplistic. One thing that I have been absolutely loving at the moment is multi-tone jewellery. Obviously if all of your jewellery is either silver or gold, it will all match... but why settle for just the one tone, when mixing between the different tones matches just as well, if not better?

Another great love of mine, that I have picked up from working at Fossil, is watches. Being surrounded by them on a day-to-day basis for the past three months has provided me with the realisation of how personal a watch can be, really speaking for your personality in one simple accessory. Personally, I have developed a passion for gold watches, and I much prefer something a bit more simple rather than anything glitzy - which really speaks for me as a person! Something that I never expected to like was a boyfriend style of a watch, or even a man's watch itself, but I do! With a heightened interest, I thought that I'd have a cheeky look to see if there are any reaaaally expensive designer watches that I like, which is when I came across the website Invaluable. It's an online auction website which makes your dreams of owning a designer watch so much closer to reality... They also auction off some unique jewellery finds, along with furniture and artworks. Really the perfect website for anybody with an expensive taste on a budget!

As Christmas season is well upon us, being only 3 weeks away (AHHHH!), I thought that I'd put together a little Christmas outfit, with a major focus on accessories. First of all, I have picked this beautiful green velvet dress, which is certainly holiday appropriate! As a nail polish fiend, I obviously had to include one of these beauties - and what more festive colour could I have picked other than gold? I've never actually picked up an Essie nail polish, but this one may well be my first purchase! I then decided to add this necklace to the outfit, with a multitude of lengths. I don't only love multi-tones, but also multi-lengths! Onto the watch, I have included my favourite men's watch (believe me, it took a hell of a lot of narrowing down) from Invaluable, which you can find here! At a starting bid of £1000, it may not be my next purchase... but Invaluable limits the price by a third of the original, giving somebody an amazing bargain... especially for 18 carat gold!!! To add on a multi-tone element, I had to include my favourite silver Fossil bracelet at the moment. Although it does have a bit of glitz, it's also a very elegant bangle that would jazz up any and every outfit! Who can resist a bit of sparkle at Christmas time?

What watches and jewellery pieces do you love at this time of the year?

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