My Week in Pictures // #26

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas time is a better time. The last week has included two trips home - the first was short but sweet, returning to Nottingham to see the first of this year's pantomimes, and the second for a week long stay at home for Christmas!!! I've not been home for this long consecutively since Easter, and so it's a really special week for me. Before heading home for the holidays, I concluded my Christmas shifts at work, as well as spending two lazy days writing up blog posts and baking treats for the wonderful people at work. Here are the nine snaps to sum up my week!

01: Waiting for the train home last Saturday. Read the whole of Girl Online on my train journeys! 
02: Pantomime numero uno (with numero dos this evening). I actually cried with laughter
03: Snuggled up in a blanket with a hot chocolate to watch Love Actually last Sunday evening
04: Baker Kassi! I searched Pinterest for some festive treats, and this was the result
05: Red nail polish for Christmas... what else? I couldn't find a nice gold in my extensive search
06: HEADED HOME HEADED HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! Slowest train journey of my life
07: Mama and Papa Bear make our house so homely and festive. Love these decorations!
08: My brother is a master present giver - read this whole book on Christmas Day, inspirational
09: Another present from the brother. He really does know me well! Finally got my Starbucks mug

How did you spend your Christmas this year? However you spent it, I hope that your day was magical. See you next Sunday for a summary of the last week of the year!


  1. I am in love with the filter you used! Very productive wrek you've had im actually thinking of doing a month in pictures on my very new blog, I like the look of yours, love from a new follower! :) xx
    Check my blog out please? :) Much love!

    1. It's 'relic' on the app 'afterlight'. I literally don't ever use another filter haha! It's a lovely thing to do, I'd definitely recommend it :) thank you very much! Had a little look and followed you on bloglovin x x x

  2. Thank you for your recent comments on my blog. I have been so rubbish in replying to them recently! You have a lovely blog by the way! I am currently at work so cannot access Bloglovin but will give your blog a follow when I am home :-) hope you had a lovely Christmas! x

    1. No worries at all, lovely! Thank you ever so much, means a lot! And you x x x

  3. Must have been so lovely going home for Christmas, especially as you haven't been home is ages. Love your photos!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Words cannot describe how nice haha! Thank you muchly :) x x x