My Week in Pictures // #23

Sunday, 7 December 2014

DEADLINES ARE OVER!!! Well, for this semester at least. Next on the to-do-list is revision for January exams, but I've given myself a week or two to de-stress. Meg and I carried on with our hunt for our third-year flat, but no luck was had! I caught up with Alice over a beautiful meal at pizza express, and spent some quality time with my work family at a quirky food place (I wouldn't quite call it a restaurant), called 'Food Fight'. Definitely a much needed relaxing week!

01: The first of my Christmas decorations! Cutest little snow globe with two reindeers
02: Nail polish selfie #1 of the week, a lovely deep oxblood shade. Winter's here!
03: Started off my week well with a home-made vanilla milkshake. Love having a blender!
04: Taylor Swift knows what feminism is about. Too many people have a misunderstood definition
05: The dough balls that Alice and I caught up over on Tuesday. They were to die for
06: Annnnd here's my Christmas tree - how cute??? So happy that my home is festive now
07: Nail polish selfie #2 of the week, carrying on with the festivities with red and green sprinkles!
08: Love Costa mugs at this time of the year, only need the Santa, now, to finish my collection...
09: The best way to spend a Friday night (I cried about six times, sorry not sorry)

How has the last week treated you? Have you got your decorations up yet?