November Favourites: 2014

Monday, 1 December 2014

November was a month of deadlines, meaning all work and little play. As the month has now drawn to a close, I'm just as excited as ever about Christmas! Despite the bitterly cold temperatures, December is always a wonderful month. I've treated myself to an advent calendar, which I'm going to use as a count down to heading back down to the Midlands for the holidays. The past month has included two cinema trips (Interstellar and Mockingjay), two trips home to see both Paloma Faith and James Blunt with the mother, Meg and I beginning to look for a flat for next year, and I've finally taken the step to get involved in my student newspaper, the Mancunion! To read my first two articles, click here for a discussion on body-shaming, and here for a fight to find the perfect book bag. Here are the few bits and bobs that I've been loving throughout November!

01: Pineapple iPhone case
This phone case was mentioned in my birthday wish list back at the beginning of October, and my dear friend Jake kindly gifted it to me! I'm always a bit on and off with phone cases, loving the slimness of my phone without a case, but knowing just how dangerous and risky that is. Without changing too much about my phone, this case is perfect, with a small detailing in the form of a pineapple. I don't think that I'll be taking this one off anytime soon!

02: Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Espresso
As a lover of matte nails, I only own three matte nail polishes - all from Topshop. However, I do own a matte topcoat, which I use very frequently. For a change, I thought that it'd be nice to only have to worry about the one polish, and without a black in my collection, I picked up this little bad boy... and I absolutely love it! Definitely a season appropriate nail polish at the moment, which would love lovely with a little glitter on top to really get into the Christmas spirit!

03: Zoella Soak Opera Bath Soak/Shower Cream
Another birthday present has made its way into my favourites for November, gifted to me by the wonderful Cat. Knowing how much I wanted to try something from Zoe's beauty range, she purchased the shower cream as well as the candle, which I am still yet to light (oops)! I've been using this shower cream all the way through November, and step out of the shower smelling incredible. I'm starting a little collection of Zoe's products, with her book having arrived last week...

04: Earmuffs
These beauties have been the highlight of my life for the past few weeks, as the temperature in the UK has suddenly dropped. Much to my despair, Winter is definitely on it's way! The pair that I own have been in my possession for four years, having bought them in Prague for 2010 New Years. If you're anything like me, I would definitely recommend getting your hands on a pair! Hats and me are not friends - if I wear a hat, I have to commit to that hat all day long. Earmuffs are a much better alternative for me, letting my hair breathe freely, but warming up my poor ears!

05: Emerald Check Blanket Scarf
Scarves are a mahoooosive love of my life (I wouldn't be surprised if a scarf collection post appears on this blog in the near future). Although I own my fair share, the majority are lightweight scarves, meaning that I had an excuse to invest in something a little bit warmer! I have been wearing this green tartan scarf constantly for the past two weeks, keeping my neck nice and warm, as well as adding a little something to my outfit!

06: 1989 by Taylor Swift
An obvious one if you know how big of a Taylor fan that I am, owning every single one of her albums, knowing every single word to every single song... and I'm not even sorry. After one run through of the album, I knew that I would love it just as much as her earlier music. Particular favourites for myself are Blank Space (if you haven't seen the video for this... please click here. It's incredible. Her ability to mock herself and how the media view her is refreshing), Out of the Woods, and You Are In Love. So much love for my main gal.

07: The Scrabble App
After my Dad began a game with me at the end of October, the scrabble app has become a bit of an obsession in my life of late... with games going against my brother, and three or four of my friends, I am officially scrabbled out. I can definitely feel myself improving, but playing a mass amount of games on a daily basis is a little overwhelming, and my performance definitely started to drop because of it. It's been a nice distraction from essays, though, which is always a bonus! Apologies to anybody waiting for me to reply, I'm sure I'll get round to it at some point!

And now it's December! I'm just a big six year old, really. What have you been loving this month?

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