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Thursday, 27 November 2014

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Is it just me, or is spending a gift card actually a really difficult task? Two of my lovely friends presented me with a Topshop/Miss Selfridge/Dorothy Perkins/Wallis gift card for my birthday in October, and I am still yet so spend it. The week following my birthday saw a real effort from me, desperately trying to find something to spend it on, but no luck was had. A month or so later, I have now collated a significantly big Topshop wish list... which provides me with a different, and more puzzling problem. How can I possibly choose???

Let's begin with this nail polish advent calendar that I was pointed to by my dear friend Meg. How perfect is this for me??? It combines everything that I love - topshop, nail polish, and Christmas. The only downside is the price tag of £50... but with my gift card, it'd only be £30! The other two Christmassy picks on my wish list are this set of Simpsons pyjamas and this set of Mickey and Minnie Mouse pyjamas. I love love love a good pair of pyjamas, the latter pair are definitely going on my Christmas list *cough* hi Mum and Dad *cough*.

Although the Summer will always have my heart, I have to admit that sometimes sweater weather is better weather. Believe me when I say that I already own a wardrobe full of jumpers (half of which aren't even with me in Manchester...), but I want more. The three that I've included in my little wish list are this fluffy blue one, this pretty one with a heart design (that Tanya Burr may or may not own... YouTubers are my style icons), and this light grey faux fur one. You can never never never have too many jumpers, especially in England. I can definitely see the heart pattern one being my Christmas day jumper this year!

It may be dark, gloomy, and bitterly cold outside, but the girl in me can't help but still want to wear dresses, and so I've included four in this wish list (only one of which is the least bit Wintery, oops). The first one that caught me eye is this mustard high neck dress. Mustard has definitely been my favourite colour over the past few months, and so it's no surprise that I'm lusting after it. Paired with a black cardigan, a woollen scarf, and a hefty coat, and I'm ready to go! Next up is this black pinafore. Another favourite fashion piece of recent has to be the school girl 'geek-chic' look, and so this pinafore would make a great addition to my collection. A dress that is totally me is this grey flippy dress with lace shoulders. It's such a staple piece to have in my wardrobe, being easily dressed up or down, whatever the occasion. The last dress that I'm going to mention is this jersey sweat dress in a black and white grainy finish. This is the wintery style dress that I was talking about... long sleeves and thick material, what more could you ask for?

The last three things left on my wish list sort of fit into a 'miscellaneous' category. First up is this cape coat. I have been longing for a cape style coat for a month or two now, as an alternate to my every day coat. I just love the idea of having my arms free to do as they please, and I think that they look so beautiful on. The second to last item on my wish list is this long sleeve top in olive green. I don't own nearly enough long sleeve tops, so it's definitely weather appropriate! I am absolutely loving greens right now, as well, having just bought a beautiful green tartan scarf. Lastly, is this green velvet kimono - another green item that I'm lusting after! Although kimonos tend to be a Summer fashion piece, the dark colour of the material, and the fact that it's velvet definitely transform it into a Christmas essential.

...and now the decision is, what do I buy??? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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