Wish List: 'Not On The High Street' Homeware

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

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If you're a homeware fiend like myself, there will be nothing that you love more than a good wish list. After posting a scattered wish list from all homeware shops thinkable back in August, which you can read here, I bring your lovely faces, today, a 'Not On The High Street' orientated one.

Let's begin with all things food related. With an outrageous obsession with glass jars, it only seemed appropriate to mention one... or two. The first is a mason jar with a handle - something that I have wanted to get my hands on for a long time now. The second glass jar is a vintage inspired milk bottle. As my homeware collection grows, my main aim is to empty my kitchen of ugly packaging, and store everything in pretty glass jars, and so this would be the perfect addition to my fridge! I'm a real sucker for mugs, as Cat will tell you, as they are slowly taking over our kitchen worktop. This mug is just adorable! Staying with the cutesy theme, these ceramic letter dishes would be perfect for little nibbles when visitors pop their head through the door. The temptation to buy a K for myself and a C for Cat is unbearable... The last item for the kitchen is another cutesy pick - how sweet are these cookie cutters?? Cat and myself have wanted to start baking since we moved into our flat four months ago, and as the dark and gloomy winter approaches, it's the perfect excuse to spend our nights in stuffing our faces with cookie dough...

Moving away from the kitchen, but not straying too far, I have picked these amazing cushions and this equally amazing trinket box. Do you think I might have been hungry when I was scrolling down Not On The High Street's website? Of the cushions, the party ring is my favourite. If only they sold a bourbon biscuit! The trinket box caught my eye, as I find macaroons such pretty food - never did I expect each one to hold a necklace or bracelet. If I had enough jewellery to fill it up, it'd be my next purchase without a shadow of a doubt.

The other five picks are 100% food irrelevant. I have been on the hunt for a lovely but inexpensive bunting since moving into this flat, and as much as I love this one, it's still a bit too pricey for my liking. Because I have more money than sense, I have come very close to buying a key hook/mail organiser, and this one is currently at the top of my list. Over my bed at the moment, I have arranged a collection of my photographs into a love heart shape. As much as I like it, I would much prefer something a bit more structured - which is where this wire heart comes into play! As for my bed itself, I absolutely adore both of these pillow case ideas. The 'big-spoon-little-spoon' pillow case would be perfect if I wasn't single (*cough* forever alone *cough*), but the other is definitely perfect for my current state of mind. Who doesn't want to stay curled up in bed when the weather grows colder and colder outside??

What do you think of my current homeware wants? Is there anything you've got your eye on?


  1. If you buy the pillowcases, I'll come join you in bed! I'm sure Sam will agree that I make the best big spoon

    Cat xo
    Percy and Prunella

    1. Aw you cutie ;) make just take that offer x