Wish List: Christmas Decorations

Friday, 21 November 2014

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SANTA'S COMINGGGGGG!!! In just under five weeks, it will be that magical day... but it feels like Christmas is already here with the lights having been up in Manchester for two weeks now. Working in retail also gives the holiday a massive entrance - as soon as Halloween is over, Christmas has begun. Cat and I have already watched our first Christmas film of the year, and so I can confirm that I am 100% in the holiday spirit. As December inches closer and closer, I want to gather some Christmas decorations to decorate my flat with. Nothing says festivities like fairy lights and flickering candles! Here are the few things that I spotted that I am in dire need of...

Let's begin with John Lewis (please tell me that I'm not the only one that cried at Monty the penguin???) I could have picked a million and one decorations from their website, but I thought I'd keep it simple with these baubles. The five colours coordinate so beautifully together... the temptation is too much. Staying within obvious homeware stores, I took a look on both Next's and IKEA's websites, hoping for some inspiration. I stumbled across this cute-as-a-button tea light holder with Santa's sleigh and his reindeers. With the amount of candles that Cat owns, it would be the perfect addition to our flat this Christmas. Moving on over to the IKEA website, I spotted these hanging birdcages. Okay, maybe they're not all that festive, but you can't miss out on a bit of silver, gold and glitter!

Straying from popular stores, I headed over to Not On The High Street and Etsy. As much as I love John Lewis, Next, and IKEA, I'd much rather own quirky and unique decorations. Over on Not On The High Street, the first thing that I came across was this beautiful snowflake heart decoration. Obviously it had to be a heart - my home is full to the brim with them. Already owning fairy lights, I was drawn towards this paper chain. We currently have a birthday paper chain up in our flat from my birthday in October, and Cat's birthday last week, so it'd be nice to change it up for the holidays! I then came across another reindeer related candle holder... but it's just so adorable! The last item that I'm lusting after on Not On The High Street is this beautiful wreath. I don't really know if we could put one on our flat door, with two other flats right next to us, but it would be nice to have in the flat, even if it just lived on my bedroom door! Both of my Etsy picks are very similar, but I can't resist a quirky Christmas tree decoration. The first of the two are these tree decorations that are shaped like Christmas trees - how cute are they??? My second Etsy wish, and my last wish of the list, are these mantle decorations, which are again shaped like Christmas trees. These would be lovely to sit on my windowsill as the special day approaches.

Have you got your Christmas decorations all planned out yet?

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