Taking Stock // November

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Such an accurate representation of my current mind-set. It's November? IT'S CHRISMTAS! It's difficult to think of new, clever, and original ideas in the blogging world, and so I bring you something today that was inspired by this post by Postcards From Rachel. As November is drawing to a close, I'm listing everything that I've been up to this month. Give me any excuse to create a list (or procrastinate from writing these essays...), and I'll more than happily take it!

Making: a never ending list of blog post ideas that I never have any time to create
Cooking: a lot more vegetables! Started to buy more carrots and broccoli recently, nom nom
Drinking: not enough. I reaaaally need to start drinking more water each day, it just slips my mind!
Reading: philosophy. Endless amounts of philosophy (send help)
Wanting: the end of term to come faster, feel like I'm being worked to death at the moment
Looking: for Christmas present inspiration! I should really get cracking...
Playing: 1989 by Taylor Swift on repeat. Loudly
Deciding: where to live next year! Ahhhh decisions decisions
Watching: I'm a Celebrity and The Apprentice. Absolutely obsessed with both right now
Enjoying: listening to Mumford & Sons at this time of the year. True Winter music
Waiting: for December 2 to be out of the way so that deadlines can leave me alone for a while
Liking: how much I got paid this month. Overtime is soooo worth it
Wondering: what I'll be doing in two years... like always
Loving: The John Lewis advert. Everytime that it comes on I let out a small squeal 
Hoping: that it doesn't snow this year, especially if I'm in Manchester for most of December
Marvelling: at the new sci-fi film 'Interstellar'. Saw it in IMAX and oh my god... I have no words
Needing: a long long sleep. 8 hours is a maximum in my life these days
Smelling: the beautiful lilies that I bought Catherine for her birthday
Wearing: every scarf under the sun - especially if it's tartan. Gotta love a bit of tartan
Following: nobody new, but realising just how brilliant Gabby and Connor's twitters are
Noticing: the slow progression of colder weather. It's not too bad considering it's November!
Thinking: about getting a full fringe cut in, like I have done for the past year now...
Admiring: expensive bags at work that I can't quite afford - not even with discount
Buying: every Christmas drink under the sun. So far, Costa is winning! (sorry Starbucks)
Getting: excited for the holidays - I cannot wait to walk around the Christmas market!
Bookmarking: everything on anthropolgie. I can feel a wish list coming up...
Disliking: how early it's starting to get dark. The sun is setting before 4pm - that is not okay
Snacking: on crackers. Don't ask why, but I love eating dry crackers. Stop judging me


  1. This is a great idea for a blog post! I am so excited for Christmas and I have been enjoying The Apprentice and I'm a Celeb too :) xx


    1. Thanks! :) I'm beyond excited hahaha. They're both so addictive aren't they?! x x x

  2. This is such a nice post idea! I've been having the full fringe debate with myself for about 5 years

    Katie xx


    1. Thank you! :) well I did use to have one, but it was so much maintenance! Agh decisions decisions x x x

  3. great post hun! i also need to start drinking water. major cravings for fizzy drinks this time of year! ahah everything sweet is needed at christmas time!
    Jade// http://jadenewton-taylor.blogspot.com

    1. Thank youuuu! I've completely cut back on fizzy drinks, I just don't drink anything in its place... really need to rehydrate my life! x x x